Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bells will be ringing

OK, so my husband is the king of procrastination and I know this but still. DAMN, I told two women I'd get them a copy of the opening ceremonies. The problem is is that I have to rely on him to do so because I haven't learned how to do all the recording crap required to get them done. And now it's been over a week since I said I'd do it and they're still not done. Almost, but not quite. Jeesh. I guess I'm going to have to breakdown and learn how to do all that crap so next time this type of thing comes up I can do it myself. Yeah, yeah, I'm the QUEEN of procrastination, I know. But when it's for something like this I know I'd be able to get it done in a timely manner. Love ya honey.


We've been busy with the puppy. He's just such a cutey, full of energy and all like a good puppy should be. And see, this is where I have to rely on HD again. It's his computer and the techy in the family, therefore he has to be the one to clean up the hard drive and make more space to be able to download the photos. Which still hasn't happened yet. Granted, as mentioned, we've been busy but not so busy that he couldn't have done it at some point in the past two weeks.

So let's see, what else has been happening around peanut land. Oh yeah, I had a Surprise Party on Friday. There were 10 of us, 13 including the sales lady and her two trainees. My basement was pretty full, it's actually a good thing that 5 of the people that said they'd be there didn't show up. Well, as far as seating comfortability goes. There would have been enough seats, it's just that there would've been sitting in front of others going on. But that's ok, everyone that didn't show has been to at least 2 or 3 of these parties so it's not like they would've missed anything. I received enough discounts to get half my order off. So that worked out well. And no I'm not going to share, I've embarrassed HD enough already.

It was kind of funny though. Saleslady is best friends with my coworker that started us all off on having these parties. She decided to do something new and handed out little gold bells to ring whenever an item came up that you owned, as long as you wanted to share of course. Not all items are "toys" by the way. The two coworkers that showed up and I stood off to the side while everyone else was sitting in chairs and on the couch in a circle. We three were the only ones ringing the bells until the shaving cream was brought up. Finally one of HD's coworkers rang her bell. And only two more women ever rang theirs and then only once or twice each. We three were amused by this, we of course wondered how all but one of them have been to at least one of these parties and came away with nothing. This was my fourth party and I'm still buying things. That shaving cream is awesome.

One of the coworkers booked a party off mine for the 13th. This time I think I'm finally going to buy the glitter powder that I've been saying I was going to for my nieces. I think they'll love it.

Ok, enough chitter chatter for now, I'm outta here.

Media quote of the day: Never do I have the happy frolicking puppy visions. Always bones and death and... - Cordelia Chase - Angel


Anonymous said...

The DVDs mentioned have been burned and sitting here for days...

-the King of Procrastination (married to the Queen of the same...)

Katrina said...

Ah yes, but you didn't tell me until Friday night. Saturday morning we had to concentrate on getting the place ready for the football draft and then Sunday and yesterday there was no mail. So I plan on getting them ready tonight to go out tomorrow.

Here's to hoping that happens.