Thursday, August 14, 2008

Puppy fever

We got a puppy!!!!!!

More to come at a later time with all the deets and pictures!!

No name yet, we're still trying to decide.

EDIT: Please vote for your favorite name in the comments.
The names in the running are:
Who Dat
Bourbon (Bourbon Street not the drink)
Jasper (HD doesn't like this one because it doesn't fit with the whole New Orleans theme)
Poydrus (This one is pretty much the coolest because it's the most obscure but it's not as easy to say)

Which do you like? Feel free to offer another one, but it needs to have the New Orleans/Louisiana theme.

PS. We're staying away from any current Saints players because, well, you never know if they'll be sticking around or not. HD did think of Hebert (for Bobby Hebert) since he was their quarterback and a cajun but since he didn't finish his career as a Saint that's been ruled out. So if you want to nominate a player think old time and finished his career there. Thanks!!


Natalie said...

I am so excited and jealous! pictures pictures pictures

Katrina said...

I took about 33 pictures the other night but we have no space on our hard drive to be able to download them. I'm gonna try to get HD to make room sometime over the weekend.

He's such a little cutey.

saintseester said...

What is his personality like? Is he laid back or hyper? If hyper, I'd go with bacchus. If laid back, then jazz sounds pretty good.

I understand the player name thing.

Natalie said...

I really like Poydrus and Jazz. I'd probably pick Who Dat out of those for my own future dog but then again I want to name him/her bozo so....

Monica said...

whodat is AWESOME

Katrina said...

Thanks everyone. Hopefully we'll have a name chosen by the end of the weekend.

The very first night he was completely laid back, didn't even make a sound. I wondered if he even could. And completely ignored all 3 cats.

Last night he was going non stop. I had to put him back in his crate just so I could eat my dinner. But he is still a puppy (only about 4 months old) so that's to be expected. And he also finally barked a few times along with whimpered as soon as I walked in the door. So I know he has a voice now, but luckily he still doesn't use a whole lot.

I thought of another name too - PoBoy. Which came about because of Poydrus, using Poy as the nickname. From that PoBoy.