Friday, August 22, 2008

Chai's story - Updated

If you're a pet owner (espcially a dog owner) or know someone who is, please go to this site and read this poor puppies plight and then do what the lady asks at the end.

Sad, just so so sad.

Chai's story

So I sent my email off to them and this is what I received in response. So it looks like you won't have to email them anymore but still, at least, be wary. Just goes to show what can happen when people band together.

Dear concerned pet owners:

Please see the attached comments now posted on the Chia Story blog. We have and are making every effort to ensure that this does situation does not happen again. As you can see from Mr. Rechelbacher’s comments we feel he is very comfortable that Four Paws has reacted in a responsible way.

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all the amazing people who took the time to help with this cause. Earlier today I reached an agreement with Four Paws Inc and am letting you know that what I was trying to accomplish has succeeded thanks to an international community of caring individuals. Four Paws has also agreed to help with compensation of my expenses and I would like to acknowledge their willingness to try to do the right thing.

The following is a correspondence that I'd like to share. Since the objective that we have set out to accomplish has been achieved, I'd like to ask if you would forward the progress made on to your networks.

All the thanks in the world,
Daniel Rechelbacher

Four Paws Inc letter to Daniel:

Dear Daniel,

Once again let me start off by saying how truly sorry Four Paws is for the pain that you and Chai have endured. As we discussed we immediately ceased shipment of the product in question when we learned of the problem.

After reviewing the product we found there to be a manufacturing flaw in the mold. By simply looking at the product the problem is not visible, that is why our QC Department did not catch this prior to the product being shipped. The toy has a large hole on one side and a small hole on the other side. The smaller hole is there to insure airflow in order to prevent any type of suction. At first glance, the ball appears to be fine; it is only when you hold it up to the light that you can see that the smaller hole is not completely open. We have reached out to all of our customers to have them remove this product from their shelves and return them to us. We are reworking all of this inventory to insure that the product functions correctly.

We are also going to post on our website and by any other means we can find to let consumers know that if they currently have this product, they should hold it up to the light and make sure the small hole is completely opened. If it is not, all they need to do is take a sharp object such as a nail and carefully push it through the small hole to open up the airway. Please be assured that we have taken all necessary steps to ensure that a situation like this does not happen again.

We hope that you feel confident that we have been responsible in our quick action in correcting this problem.

Sincerely yours,

Four Paws Products

Barry Askin
Executive Vice President

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