Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Puppy, head, The Voice is dead

The puppy is coming along in his training. He still has some accidents in the house though. Luckily it's only pee, he's never gone poo in the house. Knock on wood!! I spent all last evening watching The Dog Whisperer and I see where we can improve on some things. We used to watch that show quite a while ago pretty regularly. But I quit recording it after I had read how other trainers had a problem with how he does some things. Mainly his tiring the dogs out when they're being particularly stubborn. But after watching 3 shows last night I figure if that's really all they have to really complain about then I'll go back to watching it. You never know how helpful it could be.

So after being reassured about the red spots that have cropped up all over my body I now have found a brown spot in the middle of my lower back. When I first noticed it there was a scratch in it (it's close to a half inch in diameter). It's almost perfectly round but the edges aren't perfectly smooth. The spot itself is flat, it's not raised at all like the red dots. I had HDiTty look at it and he saw the scratch and thought maybe it was a result of that. But the scratch was on the healing end and since then (a couple weeks now) has completely healed, the spot is still there. So, yeah, I'm going to have to make another dermatologist appointment and have it checked out to make myself feel better. Since I have a follow up with Dr. Head regarding the new medicine this Thursday I think I'll give HD's Dr. Skin a call afterward and see if he's available some time soon. If I'm lucky he'll be able to squeeze me in that afternoon since they're up the street from each other. Oh, hell, never mind. Dr. Head has moved locations, shit, I guess I better check out the paper they gave me and find out where he'll be now.

So movie trailers are going to suck now.
Mr. Don LaFontaine has passed away if you haven't heard. RIP Mr. Movie Voice.

Media quote of the day: If I were forty years younger I would plow that until next July. - Don LaFontaine (as himself) - Family Guy

I have no idea who he's talking about since I didn't see the show but I have an extremely good idea WHAT he's talking about. Heh

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Natalie said...

So what did you end up naming the puppy?