Monday, September 22, 2008

Two weeks!

I got the turkey I wanted last Wednesday. I was very excited. It came in the 10th frame of the 2nd game. WOO HOO!!

Although the Saints lost yesterday, very sad, they still did pretty darn good. The first quarter they weren't looking so hot, like they didn't even have a chance. But they fought their way back and gave the Broncos a run for their money. They certainly made them work for their win. And if it weren't for a missed field goal at the end they wouldn't have won at all. Hell, two missed field goals. As sad as I am that they lost I'm even more sad for Gramatica, he's gotta feel like total shit. Poor guy.

We've decided to go to Door County. I've spent quite a bit of time checking out cabins and writing down the names of the places I like the most. So now I have to get HDiTty to sit down with me and look 'em over so we can decide where we'll be staying and get it booked. I'll be trying to get him to do that tonight. I'm really hoping the colors have started changing by then. But it's only two weeks away though so if they have at all I'm thinking it won't be a whole lot. But my hopes are high.

Before we go I have to get a haircut and style and get new contacts. I only have two weeks to do those things. I've been saying for the last two weeks I was going to get them done. Yeah, I need to quit talking and get doing.

So what else has been happening or will be. Hmmm. Ah yes, Poydras has been nipped, chipped, shot and will soon be identified. Last Wednesday he was taken in to be neutered, microchipped, immunized and had blood drawn to be sent off to figure out for sure what breed(s) he is.

He was pretty out of it that afternoon when he was brought home but by Thursday evening he was much better. And by Friday he was back to being a ball of energy. We're supposed to keep his activity down to a minimum for 10 days but that's been pretty hard to do.

He's still having "accidents" every now and then but for the most part he's doing really well. He hasn't had one in his kennel for weeks now but he's still had them in the basement. We can usually tell when he needs to go out because he'll start sniffing all around the basement. But there have been a few times now that he doesn't do that all, doesn't do anything else either to indicate he has to go and next thing we know he squats and starts peeing. Other times we don't see him doing it all but will notice a wet spot on the floor. We'll get there, I have a faith.

I bought a baby gate that we put up at the bottom of the stairs to keep him contained in the basement. It's much easier then having to keep him on a leash while we're down there.

Two weeks!! I can't wait. Oh how I need a break.

Media quote of the day: Autumn Colors - Felix LeRoy Perry

Pressed between the bible pages it may fade
Ironed between waxed paper softly laid

Captured by the solitude of times past
Seasons change but these memories die cast

Autumn colors on a schoolroom wall dance
Brighten young and old with every glance

Swirling leafs giggle out side the window’s sill
Of Halloween’s witches and goblins they tell

Time to tuck beach memories away somehow
As we applaud the summer’s closing bow

The smell of burning leafs perfume the air
Children frolic in piles raked up with care

So glad Mother Nature sure knows what to do
With sweet autumn’s colors just for me and you!

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