Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I really hope I get a turkey tomorrow

So we'll be going on our first real vacation in ages starting October 3rd and I can't wait. We still haven't made up our minds where we'll be going though. Originally we were going to Niagara Falls and meeting up with our friends from Canada. Then it was Niagara and on to New York City. Then it was Niagara, New York City and maybe Vermont and/or Main - a driving trip. Then it went back to Niagara and instead of meeting up with Canada friends it was going up to their home for the rest of the week. I mentioned Door County again, we could just relax in one place and enjoy the fall colors.

So yeah, we have some decisions to make. Although I'd like to go to all those places right now I'm leaning towards Door County. But no matter what we have to decide by this weekend because we'll be having to book a room or rooms.

Poydras has lost two baby teeth already. The bottom two eye teeth. He was not a happy puppy while they were in but loose. They must have been hurting somewhat because he really didn't want to do anything for the most part. I felt so horrible for him. But as soon as both were out he was a completely hyper puppy as he was before they got loose. He was running around like a mad dog yesterday afternoon. It was good to see.

He's also trying to play with the cats. Both boys allow him to sniff them at the nose or their sides or just about anywhere but their butts. It's too funny to watch. Miss Thang, Whiskers, hisses as soon as he comes up to her. But he still tries. The other day I watched him go get one of his toys and take it up to Cry Baby and drop it in front of him to get him to play. Yeah, Cry Baby was having none of that. He just looked at him with the most cutest baleful look. According to HDiTty he's tried it many times. One day he even went and got three toys, one right after the other, but CB just ignored him. It makes me happy that he's so willing to share his toys but so sad that the cats don't want to play.

But I think one day they will. Before he had to go up to them but the last few days I've seen both boys go up to him to sniff. So I'm very hopeful that one day it's going to happen.

My new migraine medicine seems to be working very well. I believe I put in here what I'm using now, Propranolol. It's a beta blocker but it works on migraines. And so far so good. We've had several rainy and/or stormy days since August 3rd. Days that normally I would be in pain. A couple bad enough that normally I would've even had to stay home (or at least should have since I don't always do that when I should). But little to no pain on those days so far. I did have a mild headache for two days before my period started last month and on the first day a mild migraine. But it was mild enough that ibuprofen worked. So I'm really happy about that.

Oh guess what? HD and I joined a bowling league. We're on a team with his dad and stepmom. We bowl every Wednesday evening. We started two weeks ago. My first week I didn't do too bad, at least not for me anyway. But last week I sucked big time. At least for my first two games. My 3rd was actually pretty good, I got 150 (without the handicap that is). My handicap from the 1st week was 78 points or was it 84, now I can't remember. Anyway, as badly as I bowled last week I can only imagine that it's gone up. His stepmom did so bad the 1st week that her handicap was exactly 100. We switched last week. She did much better so hers should be going down. HD's was around mine but his dad's as 36 I believe. If it wasn't that then it was 32. But it's all good. HD, his stepmom and I all joined to have a grand ole time. His dad also but he takes it a bit more seriously than us.

I'm still having to use their balls and shoes because we haven't bought either for me yet. But I know that I'll be getting these very cute white shoes with pink trim. And the ball I want is pink and black swirled. We just have to sit down and get them ordered! I can't wait.

All right, time for me to get outta here.

Media quotes of the day: I couldn't decide which to use so I'm using all of them

First the key, now jewelry! What's next? You gonna let him play with a bowling ball? - Special Agent Seeley Booth - Bones

What's classier than bowling? - Xander - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Bowling is a vicious game. - Xander - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Where the fuck's my bowling ball? - Duffy - 11:14 (you should see this movie, it's really really good)


Natalie said...

Tony and I are leaving for our 2st real vacation on Oct 4th! We're going to the Seattle area and renting cabins in the woods. You guys will have a great time on your trip.

Katrina said...

Thanks, I think we will too. Hope yours is a lot of fun too! We've decided to go the Door County route. I can't wait!

Natalie said...

and by 2st i mean 1st

Katrina said...

HEE, I figured as much.

saintseester said...

I am glad your new migraine meds seem to be helping, because that kind of pain just sucks.

Ahhhh, the pressures of a vacation decision. Anyway you go should be fun and relaxing, because it's a vacation, right? My kids have that week off from school for fall break!

Katrina said...

FALL BREAK? What the heck is that? Isn't that supposed to happen at Thanksgiving time? My goodness, the days of kids get now a days.

Thanks me too. Although last week I had another few days that were bad enough that I had to stay home again. I just had to say how well they working didn't I? But hormone pain helped in keeping me home also. My whole body ached, not just my head. It was pretty awful.