Thursday, September 2, 2010

I gotta quit being a worrywort - not good for my health

So nothing much has been happening around these here parts for the last few days. HDT started his vacation yesterday, he's off through the 12th. I've given him a to do list for the next couple of days. A few phone calls mostly but they need to be handled sooner rather than later. The most important is calling his stepmom to see if she'll be around and willing to take care of the cats as my mom won't be able to help as she usually does. If she can't I guess we're gonna have to breakdown and buy one of those automatic feeders. And when we walk in the door they're gonna be starved for attention more than usual.

I've started doing my normal worrying about how are we going to get everything done that everyone wants to do. It's really only a few things but with the way time just seems to fly when you're on vacation I have a feeling at least one if not two of them are going to have to go by the wayside. If we don't get into to town until mid afternoon Wednesday then that'll be too late to do anything but hang around town and partake of the food, drinks and music. Which is good and will probably be done every night. But we won't be able to do the swamp tour, cemetery tour or plantation tour that late.

Then there's Thursday. HDT wants to be at the Dome early, which is fine by me but I don't want to be there as early as noon as he says, maybe closer to 3:00ish. But still, to be on the safe side we should hang around town again as we won't want to take a chance of getting back from anywhere too late. Although the cemeteries aren't far away. So it all depends on how early everyone gets up and is ready for the day.

And Saturday we plan on leaving between 3:00 and 6:00, so again, depending on how early we're up and ready will determine what can be done if anything other than walking around town again.

So Friday is really the only day that we have all day to be able to do those 3 things without any timeline to worry about. With the boat tours having set times it's the only thing that we'd have to really watch the clock for. The other two things we can pretty much do at any time because we don't have to take a set tour for the cemeteries and Oak Alley starts a new tour on the hour every hour. But both still have to be done during morning or afternoon hours, nothing going into the evening.

So basically, I've just told myself not to worry about it anymore because otherwise I'll start to get agitated on trying to make sure we hurry to finish whatever it is we're doing to be able to be where ever on time. And that's not fun for me or for anyone I'm pushing along. Which really would come down to constantly telling HDT that we "need to get going" and that's just gonna get him all pissy. So yeah, I just have to let things flow however they're going to flow.

Basically, no matter what we're going to have a good time which is really the most important reason for me not to worry about it. If things don't get done then that'll just be an excuse to make sure we all go again some other time.

Media quote of the day:

Meet me at the cemetery. Twenty minutes. Come alone. - Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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