Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Update - 9/25/10

Les died Saturday night after having a really good day according to everyone who saw him. We didn't get over there and I'm sad for that but at the same time I basically said my goodbyes on Wednesday night. Although I didn't say that word I was still saying it and I'm sure he knew it.

By Thursday at lunch time he refused to wear the oxygen mask anymore and by Friday they had him home. I called mom a little after 2:00 on Saturday and she said he just laid down for a nap about 40 minutes before I called but wouldn't be getting too much more sleep because Wayne and his family and Scott and his two kids would be heading over for a visit. He had been visiting with people all day up until his nap so I asked her if Sunday would be better for HDT and I to go over. She said yes, that would be perfect.

Saturday evening all the brothers came over as usual to watch the UFC fights along with Les' grandson Buck. After he had been there about 15 minutes or so he gets a call telling him he needed to get home so Ron took him. We all wondered but didn't say anything to each other as to why he was leaving. Ron gave a call to Curt after they got there to let us know that Les had passed away before they got there.

But as I mentioned, everyone said he had been smiling and joking and picking on people as he used to do. When mom told me that I didn't say it out loud but thought that of course he was, he knew it wouldn't be too much longer and he was home where he wanted to be. He had made piece with it all. After Curt got the call we all talked some and all agreed on that assessment.

He'll be cremated but we're not sure what day yet. They still have to get a hold of the place he was wanting his memorial to be held at to make sure it'll be available and when. The memorial will be open to everyone but the internment will be just family. After that we'll head back to mom's for a cookout of brats, hotdogs and hamburgers and sit around the fire in honor of him.

He was a great dad, stepdad and husband... he will be greatly missed.

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