Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Update 8/27-29/10 - It's a long one!

Friday night we debated going to see a movie and then decided not to, can't remember why though. Can't really remember what we did that night either. We must have just decided to stay home and watch some more shows from the DVR while he played his online game.

Saturday while eating breakfast I decided to check the time for Avatar since we never did see it when it came the first time around nor did we see it on DVD. There was a showing at 2:00 so I asked him if he wanted to go see it and he did but he wanted to do a few errands before hand.

Oh wait, now I know what we did Friday night. He had some shirts to take back to the store that he decided he didn't want anymore, he had bought them for his trip to Texas at the beginning of the month. And of course while we were there we looked for some others that weren't dressy that he'd be able to wear while we're in New Orleans. He returned 3 shirts and got 3 shirts and a pair of shorts. So rather than get some cash back we ended up spending more money. Oh well. But he had to take back a small carry on bag that he had also bought to take to Texas but ended up not using so he did that first. I thought it was only around $35.00, don't know why I thought, just did; but it was actually $85.00. So that ended up paying for his clothes so that was wash at least.

After those things we were going to go to the Apple store to take back a wireless mouse he had bought while he was in Texas but then realized he didn't like so much. But by the time we were done with the clothes it was too late to go there. So we we decided to go get some dinner. We were going to go find a Chili's but before we did we saw a Famous Dave's which we've never been to and several people have told us we need to go to. We told our waiter we'd never been there before so he went through all the sauces with us and gave us some fries to try them out. And then next thing we know we're being told we'll be getting a free bottle of whichever sauce we could agree on. And then during dinner another person comes up to us and hands us an envelope with all kinds of things in it. I got the rib tips with garlic mashed potatoes and spicy green beans and they came with fries and a corn bread muffin. A lot of food but all very good. HDT got a burger with a slightly spicier sauce than I got. We both really like everything and agreed we'd be back again.

So back to Saturday, we got ready and were gonna start heading to the Apple store when he decided to get his oil changed instead. It was one of the items on our todo list but I figured with time being an issue we should do the Apple store first but since we weren't far from the oil change place he figured we could get in and out right away. Which we did but then he decided to go to an auto store to look at air filters. Then we had to go to another one because the 1st store didn't have what he wanted. By the time we were walking out of there it was almost noon and we still hadn't left town to go to the Apple store. Which is about a 40 minute drive south from our town. I was starting to get a little perturbed and basically just decided to resolve myself to the fact that we wouldn't be seeing the movie after all on Saturday and maybe we'll see it on Sunday. On our way down he said something about once we leave the Apple store we'll head over to the IMAX theater and hopefully be able to get some lunch before the movie because he was starving. I said I had no idea when it was starting there if they even had it. He thought when I told him 2:00 that it was that theater I was talking about and I told him no that it was the Cinemark one that we always go to which is a 20 minute drive north of our house. Which is why I figured we wouldn't be seeing it that afternoon.

He really wanted to see it on IMAX so I tried to find out if they had it and if not on IMAX at least in 3D on a regular screen. The damn links kept taking me to another Regal cinema in a completely different town that doesn't have IMAX. I got so frustrated that I gave up and we decided we just head over there after the Apple store. Which is what we did. They didn't have it on IMAX but they did have it at 2:40. It was 1:40 so we had enough time to go over to Red Robin to get a bite to eat. Where our waiter was one of the best we'd ever had. He was bringing replacement cokes before HDT was even finished with the glass he had. And kept asking me every time he came back if I wanted a refill. I let him know I didn't and then told him if I needed to I'd just drink out of HDT's. He said he felt bad that he couldn't get me a refill, it was kind of amusing but very nice.

Avatar was ok, after all the hype we were expecting this wonderfully awesome spectacular blow us away movie. Yeah, not so much. Don't get me wrong, the 3D and cgi visuals were absolutely beautiful but the movie itself was just good. We've seen pretty much all of it before and although I knew it had a "message" and was political I didn't expect it to be shoving it down our throats which it did for the most part. Sure there were parts that brought a tear to my eyes but again, nothing we haven't seen before. And it was 3 hours long, I completely forgot it was that long. Although to be honest it moved along pretty well so it didn't seem that bad. I was actually surprised when I saw the time.

After that we headed home, had some dinner and then took out the garbage and recycles and did a quick swipe down of the bathroom since the family and his friend Jim were coming over to watch the UFC fights. There were a few good ones and a few duds but as always the company was fun so it was a good night.

I went to bed pretty much right after while HDT and Jim stayed up to play on their game. He had plans to head over to his friend Pat's house Sunday morning at 10:00 as usual. At 4:30 when I woke up and realized he still wasn't in bed I texted him telling he better get some sleep. I think he came up around 5:30. We got up a little after 9:00 and right after he finished getting ready and was about to walk out the door the phone rings. It's Pat and the gathering has been canceled for various reasons.

So we ate some breakfast and then I went to take a bath while he played online. I got ready and we the left to do more errands. I had to buy a sympathy card for a cousin that died awhile ago. My mom was going to be sending a package to the wife/family and she asked us kids if we wanted to contribute. I figured a little bit of cash (the wife didn't work so money is tighter than normal) and nice sympathy card would do. Plus we had to take some cash out to pay my brother Roy for helping to cut down the tree. And since he lives with mom we'd be able to take care of both those easy enough. We visited for a little while and the left to go to the pet store because HDT wanted to get a harness for Poydras to use while in the cars. After that we headed up home to freshen up a bit and then went to the funeral home for a wake for another cousin that just passed away last week. We stood in line for over an hour to spend 5 minutes giving our condolences. But I believe it would've been noticed if at least I hadn't shown up since the mom was one of the cousins on the reunion committee.

On the way home we stopped off and got groceries, then went home and made dinner and then I flopped on the couch and he flopped in his computer chair and we vegged for the rest of the night watching the Emmies. I was very, very happy that Jim Parsons won for best comedy actor for The Big Bang Theory. Love him!! Happy a few other new names won but disappointed that so many of the same shows/people won again. Very disappointed that Lost didn't win anything, they at least should have won for best Drama show but no Mad Men had to win again. Whatever.

Media quote of the day:

I'm polymerized tree sap and you're an inorganic adhesive, so whatever verbal projectile you launch in my direction is reflected off of me, returns to its original trajectory and adheres to you. - Sheldon - Jim Parsons - The Big Bang Theory

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