Friday, October 1, 2010

He will be missed

So, Les' memorial and the visitation was Wednesday evening. The 1st hour was the memorial and several people got up to speak. I wanted to but every time someone new got up there and started to talk I'd start crying. Then Wayne looks right at me and I say "I can't" and as I'm saying can't I start to cry all over again. I just couldn't do it.

After that we had the visitation. We didn't do a formal line but of course people ended up in line anyway to see mom and his kids. My brothers and I sort of mingled and people would find us as well. For the first 5 or 6 people that came up to me I'd start crying all over again.

It was really nice over all though and I found out on Thursday that there were well over 300 people that showed up. That almost seems small to me but I guess not, at least not from hearing different people talk.

HDT, his stepmom and I got out of there around 8:00. She came over to visit for a little bit, his dad had to work and sent his love and sympathy.

Thursday afternoon was the interment that was just for the family. That went pretty well. Mom was sitting in a chair with Jason on her right and Les' daughter Wendy on her left. I stood behind her with HDT behind me. I had my hand on her shoulder and at one point I feel her body start to shake and I look down and she's crying which of course makes me start to cry and then several others as well. But then we pulled ourselves together but just minutes later they did the military tribute. The guys came up and took his flag, unfolded it then taps was played where so many of us lost it again. Then they refolded the flag and one of the men came over and presented it to mom. Although the man was directly in front of me he was kneeling in front of mom so he was lower and he spoke so quietly that I only understood him when he said "ma'am" and then at the very end when he thanked Les for his contribution in protecting the country. Everything in between was just noise. But at any rate, that got me teared up again.

After the service most of us left; some of his kids, mom and sister stayed for the actual interment. HDT and I went home to let the dog out and feed him and the cats before heading over to mom's for the cookout and fire in celebration of Les. Those are two of his favorite things so we all thought that it fitting to end the day that way.

HDT and I got home a little after 11:00 and I was exhausted to say the least. But after having to put things away and then get ready for bed I didn't get in bed until almost midnight. I so didn't want to get up this morning and go into work.

A quote from Les rather than a media quote:

I am a meat cutter, NOT a butcher!

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