Monday, July 23, 2007

It's calling me!!!

I finished book 5 last night at 11:30. That's all I did yesterday, read, read and read some more. Oh yeah, I did take a nap for about an hour. Woke up when H Ditty alerted me on the Nextel at 3ish. Couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and grabbed a Diet Mt. Dew, grabbed the book and read until I was done.

So tonight I'll be starting book 6. Too bad I have to work during the day. Between the hours I'm at work and the driving to and from I'm booked up for 12 hours. So by the time I'm home and get something to eat it's going on 7 o'clock so I don't have very many hours a night to be able to read during the week. And since I've only read this one once and there's not a movie yet to help with the remembering I'll take a little more time reading it.

I've kept the last one in the store bag it came in. I don't want it sitting there on my table beckoning me to read it instead. Just knowing it's there already taunts me.

Only 2 hours and 20 minutes before I can get out here and start heading home to crack open number 6.

Tata for now.


Anonymous said...

What? No media quote?

What gives?


Katrina said...

I did it from work and couldn't think of anything off hand and didn't want to take any more time looking something up.

Heck, you can use the Tata for now since that's what Tigger always said. But that's cheating.

So nope, no media quote this time around.

Natalie said...

Six is a great one! You'll have a blast.

Katrina said...

Yeah it is. I'm a little over half way through now and wow did I forget so much. It's almost as if I'm reading it for the 1st time again. I'm liking that it's going almost as fast as the first two did. It just flows so well. Hell, who am I kidding, they all were so well written that they all were easy to fly through.