Monday, July 30, 2007

You know?

You know what sucks? What sucks is when you want to pay your credit card online, because it's due in just a day or so, but their damn site is down. Can't take any requests for payment. That sucks!

You know who's hot? Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as
The Rock. He's hot. I think I've brought up this movie before but I'm not sure; even if I have, doesn't matter, The Rundown is a damn fun movie. It's absolutely silly but it's a fun romp and The Rock is hot as all get out. I needed a movie that I've seen a bunch of times that I didn't have to look at while I was paying bills. This one fits the bill very nicely.

You know what's nice? When you have a kitty cat that wants the lovin's so much she's shoving her head on you where ever she can. But what sucks is that her claws are sharp as knives and when she goes to kneed it makes you want to cry out loud. But the head butts more than make up for it.

Media quote of the day: You're threatening me? You're threatening me with pee? - Beck - Dwayne Johnson in The Rundown


Debbie said...

I like that movie.

My kitten has to lay, play, groom, sleep on top of me at all times. It's adorable.

Dan said...

You are so RIGHT ON with this post. That credit card thing happens to me at least two times a year. Site down for maintenance. I guess I shouldn't wait until the last minute.

And kitty head butts are the best!!

Katrina said...

Whiskers was going absolutely nuts trying to get as much attention from me as possible last night. She kept trying to curl up with me the way she normally does and it wasn't working since I was sitting at the computer and it was driving her nuts. So she kept head butting me everywhere. It was just too damn cute.

Hate the credit card company websites. I still haven't been able to get on today so I guess it's getting paid the old fashioned way - snail mail. UGH!

Natalie said...

What is the one where The Rock has to be the small town sheriff? I like that one.

Katrina said...

That one is Walking Tall. We have that one too but I've only seen it at the theater so I'd have to watch it rather than pay the bills! I enjoyed it and I liked Johnny Knoxville too.