Thursday, July 5, 2007

Alone & Movies

So this time next week I'll be alone starting for a month. As some of you may recall, H Ditty is going to Mexico for a month to immerse himself in the Spanish culture and language. But don't any of you stalkers worry, I know how to use the gun that will be sitting next to me at all times while I'm here alone.


We went to see another movie the other day. We saw Transformers. He gave it a B but I give it an A-. It's very odd that I'm liking these movies more than him lately. But then, I've never seen one cartoon of the Transformers and certainly didn't play with any of the toys. So I had no expectations and there wasn't any one in particular that I wanted to see. He had some what of an expectation and very much wanted to see one in particular. I can't remember his name but I do remember it being one of the bad guys. He thought some of the jokes/funny scenes were a bit too corny. But being that it's mostly for kids (it's only PG13) I thought they were just right and enjoyed them very much. The effects were really good.

It's another movie to go and just sit back and enjoy. And this kid, Shia LeBeouf, he's an absolute cutey and I cannot wait to see him in the new Indiana Jones movie.

It doesn't look like we'll ever get around to seeing Knocked Up, which I'm very sad about. But we'll be seeing the new Harry Potter Wednesday morning. We'll be seeing on the IMAX 3D screen also. I'm very excited.

When it was supposed to be opening on the 13th I wasn't going to be able to see it because HD would be gone before then and I had promised I'd wait until he got back to see it. Luckily one of the days I was actually looking at the commercials I was fast forwarding through I saw a preview. I stopped to watch it and at the end it says it's opening on the 11th. You do not have any idea how happy I was to see that!!

Alrighty, I'm outta here, gotta go get something to eat. I'm very hungry.

Media quote of the day:
I can only say I'm sorry so many times. - Indiana
Well, say it again anyway. - Marion
Sorry. - Indiana

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark


Dan said...

Katrina, do you have a Netflix account? You and that shotgun of yours would get to see a lot of cool movies for that month when you hare home alone. Just an idea! :)

Monica said...

I'm thinking if he was excited about one of the bad guys, it was Megatron. But I planned not to see the movie because it centers on the humans and WHOEVER CARED ABOUT THEM? However, my older brother, who is the ultimate transformers nerd, and was quite pissed about how they were doing the movie, really enjoyed it.

Katrina said...

Dan - yep, sure do and I've already begun to get my movies/shows in order. First on my list Six Feet Under. I can't wait to start wathing it.

Monica - It wasn't Megatron, it was some Radar-, Radio- ...Oh wait it was Shockwave. Yeah, that's the name. I have no idea what he does though. I told him maybe for the sequel he'll be in it. There's no way there won't be one.

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