Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend Update

Well we had a busy weekend. I guess it really started on Thursday. HDiTy had to work and I slept in some. After I got up I took a warm bath, read some of my book and then made myself stop reading so I'd start cleaning up and get to my mom's. One of my stepsisters and her two kids were there. Had a really good visit with them. My oldest brother showed up right on time. About 10 minutes or so after he got there dinner was ready. Had a really good dinner. Then I washed the dishes while my stepsister dried and my mom kept adding more and more dishes to the sink. Afterward we three, her daughter and my stepdad played some dominoes until HD got there.

We left after about 20 minutes or so to go to his grandma's house. Everyone but his mom had already left but that was ok. We had a nice visit with just the two of them. No drama or loudness to deal with.

I did have to go to work on Friday though, which sucked of course. But luckily we got out at 2:30. I planned on going home and grabbing HD and going out and raking the leaves. But a couple of the girls said they were going out for a drink or two and invited me along so I went. Two others got there a few minutes later. I ended up leaving for home at the same I normally would have if I'd stayed working. But the difference was spent having a good time and a couple drinks.

Got home with enough time to change out of the smelly clothes. Cigarettes really stink ya up don't cha know? Two of the girls smoke but even without them the rest of the place was pretty damn smoky. I even had HD spray Febreze in my hair since I didn't have enough time to wash it. We were meeting his dad and stepmom at the theater to see The Mist. That was really good. I haven't read the story but did listen to the cassette tape when I was a teenager. I can't remember anything about it so that was good. I had no idea what to expect. I can't wait for the DVD to get all the extras. His stepmom was joking about having nightmares and we told her we were going to see Bee Movie and invited them along for that one. We had a little time before it started so we played some air hockey. HD beat his dad, then me but barely. So his stepmom then played him and then beat him. Granted he knocked a couple in himself but a win is a win. Bee Movie was ok but nowhere near as good as I expected it to be after all the hype. I doubt I'll buy that one. Probably get it through Netflix at least to see the extras though.

Saturday we slept in a little. I got up around 10:30 or so, although I'd been awake for a good half hour before that because of Cry Baby. He wouldn't leave me alone begging for attention. Finally I got up and decided to take a nice warm bath and read my book. I love soaking in the tub and reading. Problem is when I'm as close to the end of the book as I was I end up staying in longer than I should. Long enough that I had to let half the water out and run some more hot water so I could finish the book and then clean up.

After I went and woke up HD and told him he needed to get up. He was supposed to work overtime that night. Going in at 10pm and working til 6am. I didn't want him to sleep too late because I wanted him tired enough to come home for a nap before the game at 12 because after that we had to rake leaves. Plus we had a birthday party to go to for one of my nieces and nephews. Her Birthday was on Thanksgiving and his was on Friday so their parents decided to have their party together on Saturday. We had to stop at the store on the way to get their cards. They each got money for the gift. Stuck around there until 7ish and then finally left to go home. On our way to the party he went to look something up on his phone and saw that he had a text message from his partner saying she'd take his overtime if he wanted to give it up. He did so she did and I was happy he didn't have to go to work.

When we got home we watched The Number 23 that we've been having for a couple weeks now. It was pretty good, better than what I remember everyone saying it was or wasn't, however you want to say it. It wasn't fast paced at all so maybe that's why people had a problem with it. Then we watched a few of the shows we had recorded over the past week.

Sunday I was awake again around 10 and finally got up around 10:30. Watched an episode of Ghost Hunters and then went to wake up HD to watch the game. Saints won!!! Woo hoo!!! They looked again like the team we know them to be. Right after we went outside to get rid of the leaves in the back yard. The leaf blower kept stopping on HD. I was raking the leaves onto a tarp and hauling them out the street while he was fighting with the blower. It'd work for awhile and then stop on him. He cleaned the air filter at one point and it worked for a good while after that and then all of a sudden just quit. About a third of the way done it started to rain, or maybe sleet. It was these tiny drops of moisture that I couldn't really see, barely felt but heard them as they hit the leaves. It didn't help much, especially since a lot of them were already wet and heavy because of the tiny snow fall we had on Wednesday. In the shaded parts of the lawn the snow was still there.

After we were done I immediately took a nice long hot bath to relax. HD was watching the Bears game and I got there to see the last 2 1/2 minutes of the main game to see them come back and tie and then go into overtime and win it. Nice to see that.

Watched a few more taped shows, did some laundry and then finally fell into bed around 11:45 or so.

HD is sore today from doing the leaves. I think the only reason I'm not is because of my bath. I mean, I was sore and stiff last night but by this morning I was fine.

So that was my busy weekend. This coming weekend should be fairly relaxed. Other than a Surprise Party that I should go to on Saturday I have no plans.

Media quote of the day: And if I ever want a friend like you, I'll just squat and shit one out. - Mrs. Carmody in The Mist


saintseester said...

Yes this good saints/ bad saints thing we seem to have going is driving me nuts. But drinks after work, might have to consider that!

Dan said...

You make me want to take more baths. Gosh, I can't even remember the last time that was. For years I lived in an apartment that didn't even have a bath, only a shower.

Ever fall asleep in the tub while reading, dropping your book in the water? :)

Katrina said...

Drinks after work is a good thing sometimes. Especially when it's a Friday and the company is a lot of fun to hang out with.

I love my baths. I don't take 'em like I used to. I used to do at least an hour each night but I haven't been able to do that in a long time. Now I have to take much shorter ones or showers. I haven't fell asleep and the book fall in but I have had one slip out of my hands and the corner hit before I stopped it from going all the way in. Last night I was pretty exhausted and and set it down so it wouldn't fall in while I closed my eyes.

Natalie said...

I am mad that they made you work on Friday and happy that Bee Movie was kind of blah. I was once incredibly excited about the film but with the constant promotion have come to loathe it.

Katrina said...

Thanks for the support, I was not pleased myself.

Yeah, after all the ads I wasn't so sure about it anymore. I started to wonder if they were promoting it so much because they knew it was sort of blah. It's not bad, but it wasn't all that great.