Thursday, January 10, 2008

The pill is playing with my head

Man, so I've had either a migraine or just a headache every day this week until today. Actually, from what I've learned, it was probably the same migraine all three days since I hadn't taken my migraine medicine to actually knock it out. I only took Excedrin Migraine which didn't really help much. Luckily Monday's was manageable, more annoying than anything. Tuesday's was just regular headache pain that Aleve actually seemed to help with.

But yesterday's was the worst. I didn't have any pain in the morning. Which figured since yesterday was my follow up with the Neurologist. He looked at the MRI disk again just to be sure everything is good and it is. He said again that he thinks they're related to my hormones and the weather more than anything. He wants me to go back for another follow up in 3 months.

Monday both were a factor I believe. My period had started late Friday night but I didn't have any pain until Monday. But Monday the temperature was around 65 degrees and raining. Now actually on Sunday the temp had risen to the 60's but we played hermits and didn't leave the basement all day so I wasn't exposed to it at all. So yeah, I'm thinking hitting the warm weather, with it raining after such chilly/cold days played havoc and then on top of that having my period just made it a double whammy.

Anyway, about a half hour after leaving the dr's office my head started hurting again. Within an hour my eyes had gone blurry and the pain was worse. All I had was the Excedrin again so I took a couple of those. I wanted to leave work a few times but at the same time didn't want to so didn't. It sort of ebbed and flowed all day but finally around 9:30 I couldn't take it anymore and took an Immitrex.

I thought the one other time I took one my stomach got upset because I hadn't eaten most of the day and I took the pill only 15 minutes or so of finally eating. Turns out it wasn't because of that. Within 10 minutes of taking it last night my head actually hurt worse and also had a tightness feeling. Then my throat had the tightness. Then the top of my chest had the tightness. Then there was this strange pain like feeling just below and to the back of my left armpit. Then that shoulder felt kind of painful/tight. Then my stomach started to feel upset. But by that time the stronger pain in my head had gone away and it was back to the original pain.

I went to bed still feeling queasy but at least I was able to fall asleep right away. I had a really weird dream though. I know it took place at the house I grew up in but other than that I only remember walking from the garage to the house and as I was walking I picked up a man's wallet that was really thick. I flipped it open but a noise made me jump and I slammed it shut. I remember thinking that it must be the man's that had been missing for a couple days. I took it with me into the house and as I was walking in the back door HD came to bed and woke me up. The first thing I thought of is that now I'll never know the man's name or if he'll ever be found.

Unless I dream about it again. I have been known to have serial dreams. But what's weird is that I don't have the dreams consecutively. It could be days or even months before I have another one that coincides. But once I do I have a moment that I know I'm dreaming and that it's the next "part." I sort of had/have that feeling about this one but for once I'm not sure why. None of what I remember is familiar so I'm wondering if the parts I can't remember had something to do with another dream. Or the pill is just playing with my head. But I digress big time.

So in conclusion, although I felt worse after taking the pill it seems to have helped. So far so good today, no head pain. I'm hoping it stays that way.

Media quote of the day: I just had a weird dream... - Allison Dubois - Medium

Hah, this is fitting since we just watched the season premier last night.


Natalie said...

I hope so too, that sounds incredibly horrible.

Katrina said...

Yeah, no it didn't. I have a pretty bad one right now. No such luck for me. Around 2:30 yesterday a regular headache hit and then this morning on my way in to work a migraine hit. Sucks big time!!