Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sad, but fun just the same

So yeah, the game was sad but we had a lot of fun. We picked up his uncle and cousin and were on our way down around 10:30. We missed the kick off and also the Urlacher interception. Which I was ok with but his cousin was sad about. It had just happened as we were entering the stadium. We heard the cheering and on the tv screens we saw 54 all over it. We had gotten tied up in traffic and sat and sat and sat for ever.

His cousin is an 11 yr old girl who is a HeeUge Bears fan. It was her first professional live game. I have to say that for her first game it was just about the best one she could go to. Other than maybe one of the Bears/Packers games this year.

We were sitting in between the 40 and 45 yard lines on the Saints side 19th row off the field. It was basically the same as last year's game. Except last year we were further south closer to the other 40/45 yard lines and one row closer to the field.

The fans around us were pretty good for the most part. There was really only one pain in the ass and even he was tame compared to most of the asshats we've come across. The best fan ever that we've come across was sitting two rows right in front of me. He was drunk as a skunk but was as friendly as can be. We've never come across a better drunk at a game yet. I can't get my photo to download correctly so as soon as I can get HDiTty to fix it for me I'll post his picture. At the end of the game I got a picture of him and HD. I forgot to get his name though, I meant to and then completely blanked. He hugged me something like 3 or 4 times before he and his friends finally left.

All four of us were screaming our heads off. Cousin was screaming just as loud as us adults and standing up and sitting down over and over. And right before they got the safety she's yelling, "Safety! Safety!" over and over again. I look at her and say that I can't believe she even knows what "Safety" means. But I'm happy she does. We later found out that she's a cheerleader and she won an award for being the loudest voice. I got it first hand.

After the game we went down to the bottom of the seats to see if there was any way of getting anything or even just a good photo or two. As we were finally getting ready to leave we turn around and just over a bit there's a guy dressed in a bear outfit. He had a head, paws and feet and then a Bears uniform on. We went over so HD could get a photo of cousin with him. He put her head in the mouth so it looks like he's biting her head.

I wasn't going to but then decided it'd be fun. So I go up to him and ask if he'll take a photo with a Saints fan, he says he will. I was gonna take a normal one just standing side by side but then he all of a sudden grabs my head and puts it in his mouth. He hollers at his friend to take a photo too, hopefully his came out as well as ours.

Welp, I just got back from running an errand. HD needed some lotion for his tattoo so I had to take it to him at work. But while there he was able to help me out with the photos. So here they are. Click on them for a larger image.

This was done on Saturday afternoon. As you can see it was right after it was completed. His skin is all red and swollen. The fleur-de-lis in the middle is his original tattoo from 10 years ago this past August. He got it in Wisconsin Dells on our way home from going to fall training when they used to come all the way up north to LaCrosse Wisconsin. My brother Wayne, as I believe I mentioned before, put some money towards HD getting the larger tat as his Christmas gift. Wayne's buddy who owns a shop drew it up. It's his first one and for being that I have to say it looks pretty damn awesome. I really like how he kept the originals color so it didn't blend in too much. He did touch it up though because it had faded some over time.

This is from the West side of the stadium as we were stuck in traffic. We had to go all the way past it, then turn around and come back. Turn right go to the other side on the East take a left and go almost to this end again before we turned into the parking lot that's underneath.

This is from our seats. As you can see we were almost perfectly on the 40 yard line.

This is drunk guy and HD. Now, normally I wouldn't put a stranger's photo up that I didn't first ask permission for but screw it. He was great guy and was taking photos with a few different people. So I'm sure his photo is up on several blogs from several different games. As mentioned though, he was a great guy and I can't imagine him actually having a problem with it.

This is where the Bear eats the Saint.

Media quote of the day: It only took the bears two hours. - Bearded Man - Lost

Well, closer to a little over 3 hours, but still, they got the job done when the Saints didn't. Sad, but fun just the same.


saintseester said...

I am glad you managed to have fun, in spite of the outcome.

After the rash of injuries this year, it was almost a relief to lose. There is no way we could be competitive with 3 or 4 major offense-positions in injured reserve!

Hope you have a happy new year!

Natalie said...

Sounds like a great time. I really enjoyed the pictures

Katrina said...

Saintseester - I know. We were even saying how different the outcome would have been if we had our starters back. But since Washington won it wouldn't have mattered if we did. We still wouldn't been out of the playoffs so we were sortof glad they lost. It would have been much more of a heartbreak if they'd won and still been knocked out of the playoffs.

Natalie - It really was and thanks. We had a bunch of photos from both phones but I thought these were the best ones.