Thursday, April 17, 2008

All scraped up

So I see the guy who rear ended me almost every day of the week on the way to work. For the last two weeks, except for yesterday and today because I left a few minutes earlier than normal, I've either been directly in front of him or directly behind him.

The other day as we're sitting at the light waiting to turn left I noticed his back bumper on the left side along with a portion of the side of the car. It was all scraped up. I didn't see any dents just bad, bad scrapes.

I find this funny. The man seems to be a driving hazard. The scrape looks like the kind that you yourself would make while backing up and turning.

He's this little old man who can barely see over his steering wheel. I'm amazed his car doesn't look worse than it does now. He still hasn't completed fixing his hood from our wreck. He had his bumper and hood fixed but the hood is still an off white color. It may be primer, I'm not quite sure. Either way, although it was fixed it still hasn't been painted. His car is green, so it looks really funny with this white hood.

Next time I'm behind him like that I'm going to try to take picture. I didn't think about it then. Hopefully it'll come out since it'll be with my phone. We shall see.

Media quote of the day: I listened to your program as I was driving home last night. Here's a bill to replace the front grille of my Mercedes and another to repair the back bumper of some wretched little domestic car. - Niles to Frasier

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