Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why oh why do they want me to freeze - EDIT

So, I get Emails from the New Orleans Saints Ticket Office every now and then. I get the schedule for this year in today's Email.

2008 New Orleans Saints Schedule
Day Date Opponent Time TV
Sun. 9/7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12PM FOX
Sun. 9/14 at Washington Redskins 12PM FOX
Sun. 9/21 at Denver Broncos 3:05PM FOX
Sun. 9/28 San Francisco 49ers 12PM FOX
Mon. 10/6 Minnesota Vikings 7:30PM ESPN
Sun. 10/12 Oakland Raiders 12PM CBS
Sun. 10/19 at Carolina Panthers 12PM FOX
Sun. 10/26* San Diego Chargers 12PM CBS
Sun. 11/9 at Atlanta Falcons 12PM FOX
Sun. 11/16 at Kansas City Chiefs 12PM FOX
Mon. 11/24 Green Bay Packers 7:30PM ESPN
Sun. 11/30 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12PM FOX
Sun. 12/7 Atlanta Falcons 12PM FOX
Thur. 12/11 at Chicago Bears 7:15PM NFLN
Sun. 12/21 at Detroit Lions 12PM FOX
Sun. 12/28 Carolina Panthers 12PM FOX

As you can see the Chicago game is in December again. Why oh why do they want me to freeze!?! And then it's a Thursday. I'm gonna have to take a half day off work to be able to go. Well, I guess I wouldn't have to take a full half day but definitely will have to leave early, that's for sure. Of course, that's always if we can get the tickets again. And unless I take time off on Monday and Tuesday I won't be able to make the Packers game this year at all. Besides these two games none of the others will be feasible. UGH!!

I'm sad, very sad. So sad there won't be a media quote today.

EDIT: So I didn't pay any attention to the home and away games. Turns out there's no way we can go to the Packers game anyway since it's in New Orleans. So that leaves the Bears game and maybe, just maybe the Minnesota game. Since that game falls on our Anniversary and he took time off I might too. Depending on what's going on then we may go up there to see that one. We'll have to talk more about it though.


Natalie said...

You'll never be cold in the Metrodome. Plus, the Vikings are rather horrible and will very possibly lose, thus making your experience more enjoyable.

Katrina said...

Ah, see there, that shows how much I know about the Vikings stadium. So that's good news if we go there. But Chicago I'll still be freezing, unless I'm lucky and there's a miracle and next winter won't be as cold as this one.

saintseester said...

Good luck figuring out where to go; the saints need their fans in chicago!