Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ducks go a waddling

Man, how bad is this. Since we've been sick we've done less than normal so nothing has happened in our lives so therefore nothing has happened to be written about. But I feel like writing so I did a Google search for blogging ideas. I went to three sites, two had a list of 10 ideas and one had 100 ideas. Some of them were the same but overall they were different. And out of all of them I didn't even like one. Not one idea. That's pretty bad.

So let's see. . . I'm feeling better. I'm still coughing but every day is a little less than the day before at least. My voice is still shot though. But at least it's that kind of sexy low gravelly voice which is nice. Heh

Tomorrow is Popcorn Wednesday at work and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. They started this a few months ago. Every Wed. they make popcorn for us and one of our receptionists is in charge of doing it. She's the best at it. Whenever someone else makes it for whatever reason it always comes out burnt but when Maria does it it's perfection. Everyone in my department looks forward to Popcorn Wednesday!

This Friday is another
Surprise Party that I'll be going to. Bosslady is hosting this one. It's also going to be a bachelorette party for another coworker of ours. Her wedding isn't until June but this is the perfect opportunity to have a great party for her. From what I hear it might be turning into an all-nighter too. As in hotel rooms have been talked about even. Sounds like it's going to be a grand ole time. I guess I better remind HDiTty about it. It's a good thing he works this weekend.

There are these two Mallard ducks, they're a couple, that nest by our office every year. They came back sometime over the weekend and for the last several days the female has been waddling around trying to find where she wants to nest and the male has been following her wherever she goes. It's the absolute cutest thing. Yesterday as I was walking in from the parking lot she was standing in front of our building looking around with her neck all craned quacking away. Then she starts to walk to the right and he follows her, she stops/he stops, she starts back up and turns right again and walks all along the front (which is all windows & I'm inside talking with a couple of girls while watching them) of the building with him right on top of her practically. She stopped abruptly and he ran right into her, too funny. But I didn't see them this morning so they might have found a spot finally. We have a water fountain that they like to swim in. I don't know why they don't go up the road a little bit further where there's a pond, it would make more sense. It would seem the food source would be better there but for some reason they like it by our fountain more so every year they're back.

So that's really about it I guess. Not much of a post but a post nonetheless and it was done without using any of the lame ideas found on those three sites. Yes, I know, this was a lame post but at least it was my lame idea to write about these lame topics and not someone else's lame idea. See?

Media quote of the day: Why couldn't Xander be possessed by a puppy? Or-or some ducks? - Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Pack

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