Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weekend Update 2/4-6/11

So, let's see. It was his weekend to work but he took Sunday off and only had to work his 8 hour day on Saturday.

Friday was our usual staying at home and watching tv while he played on the computer.

Saturday I was lazy again, too cold do anything else. Well, not totally lazy. I did get on the elliptical. I wanted to use the treadmill but it wasn't working (again).  So I used the elliptical.  After I lazed on the couch for a little while watching tv but started to get drowsy around 2:00ish. 

I was planning on taking a nap when HDT called to say Jim would be stopping by soon to pick up the Star Wars DVDs.  He and his girls got there just before 3:00 and we chatted for a bit while they gave Poydras a bunch of attention.  Then shortly after they left I went and laid down for a nap.  HDT had let me know when he called about Jim coming over that he would be stuck at work for a couple hours or so. 

He got home around 4:30 or so.  I had dozed off not long before he got home so although I felt like I could have slept longer it was a good thing I didn't.  It was just enough that I felt refreshed and didn't start getting tired again until around 10:00.

We had some dinner while watching a show or two and then got to straightening up before the boys came over to watch the UFC fights.  Wayne brought one of his friends/coworkers over.  The fights were not all that interesting.  Which was pretty sad for being such a good card.  Oh well, since Forrest Griffin won I was still a happy girl. 

Not long after they all left I went to bed.  HDT showed up not long after.

Sunday we got up and I made breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuits.  Very good breakfast if I do say so myself.  Watched tv, as usual, until we had to get ready to leave to go to Jason's (HDT's coworker) house to watch the Superbowl. 

Three couples that they're friends with from their church also came.  They seem like a really good bunch of people.  It's a church that HDT and I have talked on and off about going to.  But as you can see we're pretty damn lazy and just haven't made it a point to go to. 

The game itself was good.  I was torn between wanting Green Bay to win and not wanting them to.  I really don't like the Packers and I couldn't root for them.  But at the same time being in the NFC I wanted them to win more than I wanted the Steelers to.  Several of the people there were actively rooting for the Steelers because they're Bears fans and found it even harder to want Green Bay to win than I did.  It sounded like HDT was the only one there that wanted them to win.  Turns out he had a bet, a double or nothing bet, so he had even more reason for wanting Green Bay to win.

I didn't care for the halftime show.  All those neon dancers just kept me thinking of Tron which I don't think they were supposed to.  And other than the Guns and Roses song with Slash I didn't know or even care about any of the songs.  Not a Black Eyed Peas fan.  Or Usher for that matter.  Not that I dislike them though, just not something I listen to.

I really liked many of the commercials, especially the Doritos and VW commercials.  The Eminem Chrysler commercial was pretty darn good too.  I was very disappointed that they shortened the Darth Vader VW commercial though.  HDT had purposely not watched it before the game because he said he wanted to see it when we all were supposed to see it for the first time.  So when it finally aired I was upset that he didn't get to see the whole thing.  I felt like it didn't have as much of an impact.  But then, reading about all of them the next day it seemed like a ton of people still really liked it.  So that's good.

After the game we went home, made a pizza since we were both pretty hungry.  And then not long after I was done I went to bed.

Media quote of the day:   Chorus of Lose Yourself by Eminem (music used in the commercial)

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment

You own it, you better never let it go go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo

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