Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Update 4/29-5/1/11

So we had another pretty good weekend.  When I had gone home for lunch on Friday I hopped on the treadmill for about 12 minutes.  I had made a decision to do that every day several months ago and just haven't done it.  No excuse really since most days I'm done eating with a good 10 minutes to spare. 

After I got off work I ran out to Walmart and Jewel to get a few groceries we've been needing and I also stopped by our eye doctors to pick up some paperwork needed for our FlexCom account.  I had just finished putting everything away and was starting to put a couple steaks in some marinade when he got home. He opened the grill and came in to get the matches to start it when I told the marinade needed at least a 1/2 hour to really soak in so he didn't start the grill and decided to take a shower.  Since I had gotten a little warm on the treadmill earlier I decided to take a shower as well after he got out. 

While I was still in he decided he was so relaxed now that he didn't feel like grilling out anymore.  So we decided to have some baked chicken and tots instead and as usual vegged out on the couch and computer. 

Saturday he worked until 2pm and I pretty much did nothing until he got home.  Well, I did exercise.  I did 10 minutes on the elliptical to warm up then did some weight lifting then another 10 minutes cool down on the elliptical again.  Soaked in the tub afterward reading the latest Entertainment Magazine. 

He wasn't hungry so I made myself some shrimp and fries for lunch then not long after that we did the little straightening up that was needed before the guys came over for the UFC fights. Which were really pretty darn good.  So happy Nick Diaz got his ass handed to him.  Oh how it was a beautiful sight to see.  Although the third slam onto the mat I was worried for him, never want to see a guy get seriously injured even if I don't like him.  But luckily he was ok.  And another fighter, can't remember his name now, had the largest hematoma over his right eye that I've ever seen.  It had all of us cringing big time along with the bad cut he had under his left eye.  Wayne had us all laughing when he wondered which side the guy would be laying on while trying to sleep.  I think it was HDT or Scott, or maybe both, that said it'd be his back.

Sunday ended up being a nice lazy day.  Our friend Pat came over to watch some Dr Who shows that he's been trying to convince us to watch; the ones that have been on since 2005, not the originals from way back when.  We ran out to grab some Popeye's that I've been craving for awhile now while he was on his way over.  We vegged out on the couch eating some good food watching a pretty good show.  I'd be just fine if we never watched another show but it's definitely enjoyable so I know we'll probably end up watching all the rest of the seasons as well.  Eventually anyway.

After we were done watching several of those Pat left for home and HDT and I did some dishes and cooked up some mac and cheese for dinner and watched some Sports Night. 

At one point we stopped watching to go over some things that needed going over and while doing that he got a text or something telling him to turn on the tv that Bin Laden had been killed.  So I did that and we watched the breaking news about that along with Obama's speech.  And then I went to bed not long after that.

Media quote of the day:

From Sports Night:
Is it nature's special time? - Casey McCall
Oh, you know what, bite me so hard for that - Dana Whitaker

From Dr Who:
If you are an alien how come you sound like you're from the North? - Rose Tyler

Lots of planets have a North! - The Doctor

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