Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Update 5/6-8/11

So this was another busy weekend.  Friday night we decided to go see a movie and Jim came along.  We thought maybe we'd see Thor but since it was opening night it'd be packed so decided on Hanna instead.  HDT and I went to dinner at Chili's first though.  Had a good gut busting dinner and a drink or two then met Jim at the theater. 

For being out for so many weeks now and never a huge hit there were quite a few people in there.  Far more than I expected there to be even for a Friday night.  There were probably just over 20 of us in there.  It was pretty good.  Strange though, not exactly what I was expecting but still good.  It felt like there should've been more too it, not sure what though, just more.

Jim came over afterward and we watched a Doctor Who episode.  Then I headed to bed and I think they played some Madden football or something on line, not sure what.

Saturday we had a group of friends come over around noonish and hung out playing games and bullshitting.  The last one, besides Jim that is, to leave left around 7:30.  Then we three watched Lo.  HDT and I had seen it before quite awhile ago and was telling Jim and the other guy about it and since Jim hadn't ever seen it we decided to watch it.  It's a very low budget "horror" movie that's not really a horror movie but since Lo is a demon it's listed under horror.  Anyway, it's pretty funny and enjoyable in a fucked up sort of way.

After that Jim headed home and HDT and I played backgammon for what we'd be watching next.  We watched an episode each of Doctor Who and Ally McBeal before heading off to bed.  Or at least I headed off to bed, he showed up not long after though.

Sunday we got up and headed out to Walgreens to get all the Mothers' Day cards needed and then waited around until his mom came over at noon.  We made the calls to everyone else before heading out to our favorite chinese place for lunch.  She and I each had a dragon tini (a really really good chocolate martini) and a mai tai with our absolutely delicious food and HDT had a couple long islands with his.  All of us were very pleasantly stuffed with plenty left over for more meals. 

On the way home we stopped off at a second hand/antique shop.  His mother absolutely loves these types of shops and never goes away without getting something.  But I can't say anything, we ended up buying a few things ourselves.  One of the items were a set of shot glasses.  I looked at them, thought they were cute/nice but decided we didn't need anymore and walked away.  A couple minutes or so later when I met up with HDT in another part of the store he was holding something so I look and it's the shot glasses.  Couldn't argue with that so I didn't even try. 

When we got home we decided to watch a movie.  She asked about one that we had told her about before and figured out that it was The Princess Bride so we popped that in and enjoyed that all over again.  And she even stayed awake throughout the whole thing.  She tends to fall asleep during movies.  But she didn't this time and she very much enjoyed it.  Pretty much right after it was done her phone rang and it was a friend she hadn't talked to in quite awhile so she chatted with her for awhile while HDT and I watched some of the extras.  Then she got a call from Jess so she grabbed up her things and headed out to spend the evening with her. 

HDT and I played backgammon again for what we'd be watching.  He kept winning, the brat.  So we watched some Doctor Who's before turning into bed just before 10 o'clock.

Media quote of the day:

The Princess Bride:

You seem like a decent fellow.  I hate to kill you. - Inigo Montoya
You seem like a decent fellow.  I hate to die - The Man in Black; aka The Dread Pirate Roberts; aka Westley


You have to do what I say. - Justin

Look at you, pretending to be *brave*. What's your name?  - Lo
Justin. - Justin
Ugh. That's a terrible name. Doesn't fit your future. Allow me to baptize you - Lo

Dinner! - Lo
It's Justin. - Justin
Dinner! You have to let go of the past. - Lo

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