Friday, March 16, 2012


So not much has been going on with us these last couple weeks.  We've been trying to eat better and exercise more.  That comes and goes, hasn't become a habit yet.  But I am doing it more than before so that's always good.

The weather has turned nice and we've been able to take Poydras for a walk that we all enjoy.  Need to do that way more than we ever have before as well.  We all could use it.

We still haven't done anything more in the kitchen.  Like I've said more than once we are the King and Queen of Procrastination.  I'm thinking I might do something with the walls this weekend.  He's working this weekend so it's not like I can do much more than scraping the peeling paint off the one wall and washing all the others.  But he should have an 8 hour day on Saturday, if so we're thinking of going to Home Depot or one of the other places and getting the wood necessary to do the shelves in the pantry. 

Last Saturday we took Sarge and his family to Plum Garden, our favorite Chinese restaurant.  We talked it up so much that I started to worry we did it too much.  But luckily he and his whole family loved everything they got and were delighted with all the food they were taking home for leftovers.  HDT even got more than he expected because one of the boys doesn't like leftovers and since he got the same as HDT the leftovers went home with us.  They agreed that the 35-45 minute drive is completely worth it.  Which made us very happy.

Let's see, anything else?  Oh yeah, we're upgrading our cell phones.  We're each getting the 4s iphones now.  I was originally going to get HDT's when he upgraded to the 4s but he really wants me to get one as well so he's going to push to sell his X-Box and then we'll also be selling one of our phones now and that'll pay for my upgrade and possibly even his.  His mom wants to get put on our plan and will either be buying my phone or his.  Although I think it'd be better for her to get his since mine is now having battery issues.  The battery has been draining very fast compared to before these last couple of days.  So the upgrades are coming at just the right time.

That's about it really, nothing special.

Media quote of the day:

I wish I was special
You're so fuckin' special

Just a couple little lines from Radiohead's Creep

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