Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little bit of this and a little bit of that

So we went ahead and upgraded our cell phones to the 4s.  We also got one for his mom (she paid us back) and added her to our plan.  HDiTty has been having fun playing with Siri.  I on the other hand keep forgetting she's there so haven't used her once.  Oh well, I'm sure I will one of these days. 

While we were at the Apple store I looked at the cases they had and didn't find anything I liked for myself but found a perfect one for his mom.  She loves all things Paris, France related.  They have a cover that's a black and white picture of the Eiffel Tower and then has a little green VW bug parked in front.  I showed it to HDT to see if he thought she'd like it since I wasn't so sure about it 'cause of the bug.  He thought she would so we bought it as well.

He went over to her place to help her set the phone up and she gave me a call to let me know she was excited that we got the phone (she thought it wouldn't be for a little while longer) and also to thank me for the cover.  She said she loved it and although it was a little green bug and not a little blue mini cooper she was just fine with it.  That it was close enough.  So that made me happy.

We STILL haven't done anything more in the kitchen.  We have such good intentions but are just lazy about it.  One day we'll get there.  The good thing is is that we don't plan on moving any time soon, if ever, so there's no rush.

My job is still going good.  I'm liking it a whole lot.  Totally different from what I used to do and every now and then I feel a little worried that I'm gonna screw something up but at least those thoughts are fleeting.

We'll be moving to a new building this summer and from the little bit I've heard it sounds like we're all going to have our own offices.  Which if that's the case, YIPPEE.  I don't mind too much being out in the middle of everything but there are days that it gets old. 

We shall see.

We saw The Hunger Games on Saturday.  Went with Jim, his sister and her husband.  We both very much enjoyed it.  Now I feel compelled to go get the books and read 'em before the next one comes out.  The whole way home we're all asking Wendy questions since she's the only one who's read 'em.  My big question was was she disappointed with any of the changes.  She said no.  They of course left out some things that she would've liked to have seen but understands that it was for time and they weren't necessary for story to be understood.  Also that Rue was slightly bigger than expected since she's described as small like Prim.  But that didn't really bother her per se just that she didn't expect it.  Although, truthfully, I'd have to see the two girls standing side by side to see a difference because I didn't see where Rue was all that much bigger than Prim.  Ah well.

With all the hate that's being thrown out there about Rue and Thresh being black I was very happy that she didn't say anything at all about the color of her skin.  Not that I knew about any of the hateful stuff before we went.  But after reading the Jezebel site I recalled what she said and it was only about her size, nothing about her being black. 

Media quote of the day:

Thank you for your consideration. - Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games
Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. - President Snow - The Hunger Games

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