Thursday, March 29, 2012

How hard is to wipe a counter down? I mean Really!

So I don't get the women in my office building.  We have several businesses on our floor that all use the same bathroom.

I couldn't tell you how many times I go in there and the counter around the sink is all wet. 

Really?  You can't wipe down the excess water after you're done?  Really?

At least the rest of the bathroom is clean. 

Oh wait, not quite. 

They also can't get their paper towels into the wastebasket.  Which is really really sad considering it's an open trash can.  And it's a wide one at that.


Although, admittedly, the paper towels in the garbage can isn't nearly as bad as the water.  They've gone whole weeks with getting them in there.  But still....

Media quote of the day:

Let me guess... it was in the garbage. -  Robin Scherbatsky - How I Met Your Mother

No, no it wasn't, that's the problem - me

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