Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Head banging

So I banged my forehead at 4:30 today. We have a paper shredder in our office. You know, get rid of all that money stuff. Although I can't believe they don't have a confetti kind, it's just the strip kind which is really pretty silly. Oh well.

Anyway. . . I usually push the shredded stuff down when it starts to get pretty full and I use my right hand to do it. Logistically it just makes sense. But for some reason I used my left hand this afternoon and when I stood back up I sort of swung to the right and up. Hit my forehead on the corner of the cabinets that are right there. It didn't really hurt much though. A little bit later I decided to take a look and see if I had a knot forming and I look in my mirror and see blood. So I go to the bathroom and right at the hairline there's a little scrape that's bleeding. The tiny knot is on the forehead itself. So I looked back at the cabinet and sure enough the door is just slightly open so that must have done the scraping.

It still didn't hurt though so that's good. Well, not until now anyway. Now there's a just a dull ache there so I guess I'll take something for it.

Media quote of the day:
Bang your head
Metal health'll drive you mad!

Bang Your Head - Quiet Riot

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Natalie said...

I had an odd head injury on Monday. I was bending down to get something at the foot of the bed and must have brushed against or startled sleeping Tony because he kicked and his foot hit me square in the mouth. My tooth went into my lip and i had a bloody mouth. The contact woke him up and he felt horrible. With a little ice I was fine and the swelling was minor so my natural pout masked it. I hate head injuries. I hope your dull ache passes.