Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Taxes, Counseling, Birthday

Well, we got the taxes done and if you didn't read my comment in the last post, we actually ended up with a refund. I really and truly thought we were going to have to pay. So although I hate having to pay so many damn taxes throughout the year I really like the refund we get. We usually get a decent amount and end up buying something we've been wanting and putting off because it's too expensive. This year we're paying off his camera. He bought a really nice one last year from Best Buy using their 12 months same as cash deal and it needs to be paid by July before interest starts up. So the refund will be paying that off.

We did end up having to pay the State though, but not a whole lot, so I'm ok with that.


So he was able to convince his sisters and mom to start counseling with him. Tuesday night was the first night. I decided to go along. I wasn't sure if I should but I am part of the family, I'm one of the people his mom talks to when she needs to vent and I could use it anyway. But I still wasn't sure how they'd take it. Both his sisters seemed just fine but I got a little vibe from his mom when she turned the corner into the waiting room and saw me. Afterward when she was strapping the car seat into the car H Ditty, me and his youngest sister were outside on the other side of the car where mom couldn't hear us. His sister said that mom seemed pissed or at the least, upset. I asked her to find out if it was at least partly due to me being there. She wasn't pissed off that I was there but was uncomfortable apparently. Didn't quite feel good about saying some things with me there. Although I can't understand why since, like I said, she'll tell me all kinds of things any other time.

But since this all came about because of the issues with his sisters and mom I'm going to politely step back and not go anymore. I told HD that we'll see how things go and then maybe he and I could have our own sessions. If it'll help his mom feel more comfortable without me there then I don't need to be there.


Today is his other sister's birthday. She turned 29 and says she will remain that age for a long time to come. We hung out with her and her boyfriend over at her and H Ditty's dad's house. Just got home from there about 20 minutes ago. I'm very tired but don't feel like going to bed yet. I really hate that. It's only because I haven't spent any time relaxing in my own home so it doesn't feel right just hopping into bed already. But there's things I have to do before I can do that anyway so I guess I better quit rambling here and get on with it.

Media quote of the day:
You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too, yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you

Birthday by Lennon and McCartney

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