Friday, June 29, 2007

One Year Anniversary

So, today marks my one year mark for doing this blog/journal thing. I've enjoyed it so I think I'll keep it up for a while longer. Most people seem to do a link entry, I don't know if I'll do that. I'll have to think about it as I write.

I started this, as I've mentioned before, as my online journal for the most part. I don't get very deep or personal but then, when I used to have book style journals I never got real deep either. I might do one from time to time but mostly it's just a place to jot my thoughts at the moment or what's been going on in my life.

In that respect I've actually censored myself. There's been many many times I've wanted to come on here and vent about my sister-in-law but I haven't. No one in my personal life reads this site except for my husband but that doesn't matter. I know he wouldn't care for it if I came on here and bitched about his sister. And if the day ever came that she or any of his other family members found the site and read what I've written, well, that'd be not such a good thing. This little bit here could cause issues. And I so don't want issues, so I'm gonna stop right there.

Ok, I guess I'll do a link post. I haven't had that many readers so I can't really do a favorites list in that way so I'll link to my favorite entries.

My 1st
sorta drunk post. That was a fun night.

Ah, I can still remember how
pissed I was at the person who went to the bathroom before me.

Our friend
Bri. We miss him.

Halloween. I love this holiday.

I enjoyed writing this post about
music. Trips down memory lane can be quite enjoyable.

My two
picture posts. Love snow and how it makes everything look but hate the shoveling.

carrot cookies!!

I love my
husband. He's one wonderful man.

The one where
Crybaby completely grosses me out.

The one where
The Brat Prince makes me cry.

So there you have it, my favorites in my 1st year. Some were sad but I still like the posts themselves.

Thank you to all who've stopped by and especially to those of you who continue to come by and even leave a comment every now and then. I appreciate it.

Media quote of the day: I wanted to, you know, thank you so much for going through those coroner reports, because I can imagine how not fun it is to read about, you know, coroner stuff. - Angel in Angel

I'm sorry, Willow. Thank you for making time in your busy life to come in here and get in the way of mine. - Anya in Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Thank you for your time - Rachel Green - Friends

I couldn't decide on which thank you I wanted to end with so you got 3.


dirk.mancuso said...

5 -- count 'em 5 tries -- and Blogger finally agreed to let me comment. Sighhhhhhhh.

Happy Anniversary, Kat! (Or is that Blogger-versary?) Either way, congrats!

(And I love the Anya and Rachel "thank you's" -- they're two of my favorite tv gals.)

Anonymous said...


saintseester said...

Happy Anniversary, girl! Don't you love it when you go back and re-read your old posts? It brings back memories and I think that is the best thing about online journaling.

Katrina said...

Thanks ya'll, I appreciate it.

It was fun to go back and read 'em. I had forgotten about the pissy toilet seat one and had to laugh at the situation other wise I'd get pissed all over again.