Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Good times

Man, it's been over a week since I last posted. I've thought about coming on and putting up an update but was enjoying my time off so much that I kept putting it off. But it's been long enough so I guess I'll start writing. It's gonna be a long one, that's for sure.

Last Wednesday evening we took HDiTty's grandma to see
Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy. That was pretty damn awesome. There's no way I can do it justice by trying to describe what they did so I'll only write a little. Most of the acrobats were dressed as an animal or bug, one guy was dressed as a tree, the others just had very colorful costumes. There was one lady dressed as a ladybug who was the narrator, but she sang everything rather than speak it. Her voice is great but with it being fairly high and the music being pretty loud we could only understand some of the words. The guy dressed as a tree is an electrical violinist and did great. At first HD and I both thought he was violinsynching but when I read the program at intermission it said it was done live.

If you've ever seen Cirque de Soliel then you should definitely see this. The costumes and props just add to the enjoyment and it's a great one for kids and older people who may not be able to follow along to most other plays/musicals to enjoy. Since the singing didn't add anything, in fact to HD and I we thought it detracted, they don't have to pay attention to her. They can just watch the acrobats do their thing and enjoy it completely. His grandma thought the same as us about the singing and thought the music could've been a little less loud but overall she had a great time and was very happy we took her. This comes highly recommended!

Thursday night I took HD to see Genesis. Too bad none of his photos came out otherwise I'd put one or two up, but the stage is too bright to really see anything well enough. Camera phones are not good for that type of picture taking don't cha know? We had a great time, they played a good mixture of their older stuff and the 80's/90's hits. And although the talking that Phil Collins did between songs was definitely rehearsed he still did it so well it was still really amusing. I had read a review from the New York Times and I regret that I did because the critic put in a lot of what Collins said. So as soon as he started to talk I pretty much knew what he was going to say. But since it was live and in person and it was said with Collins' signature "silliness" it was still good. What made it even better is that we had a whole row to ourselves. Well, we shouldn't have but by the time we got there there was already people on both sides of our seats. The row directly behind was empty so I said that we should sit there until someone comes along saying that we're in their seats. It never happened so we weren't squished which was a very good thing.

This was his weekend to work but he took it off and I took off Friday and Monday so we had a really nice long weekend to enjoy our 12th/2nd anniversary.

Friday we both slept in since we didn't get home until after 12 from Chicago and didn't get into bed until real late. We were going to go do something but since we couldn't make up our minds we agreed we'd be lazy that day and do something on Monday. Except for me going to the grocery store for our empty fridge we hung out all day being lazy watching a shitload of tivo'd shows. We had agreed to go to a haunted house or two that evening but when 6 o'clock rolled around we both agreed we were to relaxed to get up and go.

Saturday was another sleep in and be lazy morning/afternoon. Saturday was our actual anniversary. His sister and her boyfriend met us at our house and we went out to dinner at a local Italian restaurant where all but her boyfriend got long island ice teas. They were the strongest teas we've ever had. Goooooood but strong. She cut hers with her boyfriends real tea, HD cut his with a regular coke and we poured some in mine also. I also was drinking water along with it. But since I only had one meal that day it hit me hard. She and I were feeling no pain by the end of dinner. Afterward we met up with some more family and friends at a comedy club. The same one where he and I had our first official date 12 years ago. The comedians weren't the best we've ever seen but the headliner did hit a few topics that I could relate to. That always helps, plus I had a couple more long islands. They weren't very potent, but then, I didn't need them to be. After that everyone went their separate ways except for one of the girls who had gone by herself. She didn't feel safe enough to drive so HD drove her car to our house while SIL's boyfriend drove mine back. Those two left and the friend stuck around to watch a movie until she felt ok to drive home.

Sunday we slept in again. Watched the Saints get their asses handed to them again. Made us sad again. Am I saying again too much? It's looking really dismal. But we're not giving up. After the game we watched some more of the tivo'd shows. We had a lot since we watch too damn much and hadn't had a chance to watch that many over the last couple of weeks. We turned on the Bears game right after half time and saw that they were losing then went back to our shows. From what I hear we should've kept the game on. Oh well, so be it.

Yesterday, slept in again. The best part of vacations, being able to sleep in if you want. We debated what to do, nothing looked good enough for him. I was ready to go to a zoo or anything as long as we didn't sit on our butts anymore. For lunch we decided to go to the restaurant where we met on our blind date, then went bowling. Played four games, or should I say, we sucked for four games. Neither of us did anywhere near as good as we both can do. I was lucky to break a hundred, awful, just awful. After that we finally went to see Resident Evil, Extinction. For the type of movie it is they do a good job. It was really enjoyable. And Milla Jovovich is one of the few actresses that can pull off being a bad ass. Love her.

After that we had to hurry home because I had thrown stew fixings into the crockpot in the morning and it was going to be ready around 7:30ish and it was already 7:40 by the time the movie ended. We were both still full from the pizza and twizzlers that I just put away the stew in a bunch of containers. But that's ok, stew is one of those meals that tastes better as a leftover. We watched a few of the shows that recorded last night then I finally went to bed around 12:30. Yeah, I'm a little tired today but it's not too bad.

Unfortunately I had to go back to work, which always sucks. It sure would be nice if we could afford for me to not have to work. Oh well, so be it.

So that was my long week. Although I had time to come on here for some updates you can see why I wouldn't want to. I was enjoying my lazy self too much to bother.

Media quote of the day: [to White Queen] I met your sister. She was a homicidal bitch. - Alice - Milla in Resident Evil, Extinction


Natalie said...

Sounds like an awesome time! I saw cirque years ago and loved it. I've been too poor to go again though.

Katrina said...

Thanks we did have a great time.

I'd definitely go again, it was completely worth it.