Friday, October 19, 2007


So, I'm fascinated by my toenails. Does that make me weird? I guess if I have to ask then it does.

Anyway. I can't believe how fast they grow. They're not supposed to grow as fast as fingernails but mine seem to. Now, after I first cut them they don't seem to grow very fast at all. It seems to take forever for them to finally have that little "head" for lack of a better word, to start showing. But then, spurt, they're so damn long they're bugging the shit out of me.

Take this last week for example. Last Thursday or Friday as I was bent over drying my hair I glanced down and noticed that little "head" and thought, "Finally, it sure seemed like a long time since I've had to cut 'em." And then continued on drying my hair.

Yesterday morning while doing the same thing I glance down and can't believe it. I already have to cut them and how in the hell did they go from barely there to this long already? And now they're gonna snag my knee highs (yes I wear 'em, if I didn't I'd blind people with the little bit of ankle they'd see as I walked). And sure enough, when I took 'em off the right one had a run in it. Good thing they're cheep.

And I of course didn't cut them last night but luckily today is jeans day so I'm wearing socks and tennis shoes.

I kept asking HDiTty to give me a pedicure last night but he refused. All the things I do for him and he can't give me one lousy pedicure. Well phooey on him!

Media quote of the day: No, uh, she needs a pedicure! - Dr. Kosevich - Nine Months
I haven't seen this movie ages, but I have seen it so I'm using it.

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