Thursday, October 11, 2007


I love Autumn. I love everything about it. The changing of the leaves, the crispness of the air and the fact that I don't have to mow the lawn for the next 8 - 9 months. I even love the high winds and rain. Just thought I'd mention it.

We were going to try a new Mexican restaurant last night. They're not open yet but they were having a restaurant warming party, and they went to the station where HDiTty works and handed out invitations to everyone who wanted them, they must have gone to several other places also though. You ask, "Katrina, why do you say that?" Well, I'll tell you. Because by the time we got there they were completely packed with TOO damn many people standing around waiting for a table. So we decided against it and went to another restaurant we've never been to. It was ok, nothing special and the prices were kind of high so we both agreed that we won't be going back. At least, not as a first choice anyway. Maybe like we did last night, if all our other choices are packed we might go.

I said it before and I'll say it again. I really don't want to work. Just thought I'd mention that too.

As also mentioned before, we watch way too much tv. But even still we decided to check out a lot of the new shows this season. We already have one absolute keeper which is Dirty Sexy Money. I don't think there's one thing about it I don't like. Other than there are times that looking at the lead actor, that right now I can't remember his first name but his last is Krause, all I see is Casey McCall from Sportsnight. Others might look at him and see his character from Six Feet Under. I've only watched 2/3 of the first season of that show so he's still Casey to me. PETER, oops, sorry didn't mean to yell but that's his first name. It's Peter. Felicity Huffman from Desperate Housewives was the same way. She was Dana Whitaker from Sportsnight for about the first quarter or third of the first season of DH. So I'm sure eventually he'll turn into only this character.

We're liking K-Ville and Journeyman on Mondays so far. I think the only new show on Tuesday is Reaper. It's ok, we missed the premier though which sucked since it was directed by Kevin Smith. Wednesday is Private Practice and Pushing Daisies. He doesn't watch PP, well not really anyway. He's on the computer when I put it on so if he wants he can completely ignore it. I'm still not sold on it yet. I don't dislike it but I can't say that I like it yet either. We watched the premier of Pushing Daisies on then watched the episode that came on last night. It's definitely different but I like it quite a bit. Don't think there's anything new on Thursday. Oh wait is Bionic Woman on Thursday or Wednesday? Doesn't matter either way, it's also one that we're liking so far. I can't say that it's a definite keeper but it's more that than not. And Friday is Moonlight. We like it but not completely sold yet. Oh yeah, somewhere in there are two new half hour comedies. There's the one that comes on after How I Met Your Mother, about the geeks. The Big Bang Theory, that's it. We're really enjoying it immensely. He can relate because he is a geek, not on the level as those guys but he still is one. And I can relate because I'm married to him, although as I said while watching this weeks episode I wouldn't have gotten one or two of the jokes if I didn't know him. The other is Back To You. The show with Kelsey Grammer and Pratricia Heaton. We've laughed out loud several times now. It could use some work but over all it's a good one.

So what is that, 10 shows. Wow, 10 new shows. Of the other new shows that we were going to try we already nixed Life. I recorded the first two shows and we started to watch the premier when we decided we had enough already and before either of us got into it I stopped and deleted it. We also watched the first 15 minutes of Big Shots and decided it blew so that's gone. And I recorded Cave Men and Carpoolers but then deleted them also without watching.

I'm not even gonna mention all the established shows we watch. And there's still a few that haven't even started yet that we'll be watching once they do. We might have to just dump the ones we're not the most thrilled with. Hell, we already dumped Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters and those were established shows we watched. But since we missed the last month/month 1/2 of the last season of each we decided to give up on 'em. Maybe I'll watch 'em on DVD through Netflix.

Media quote of the day:
Hey Barney, see that girl? - Ted
Ohhh yeah, you just know she likes it dirty! - Barney
on How I Met Your Mother


Natalie said...

I boycotted Moonlight because i feel I will want it to be Angel and I won't be. Maybe' I'll give it a try. I had intended to watch Dirty Sexy Money but forgot. Maybe that is for the best.

Katrina said...

Yeah, we said the same thing. It's a little like Angel but not too much. Mainly because, at least so far, no other creatures/demons have even been mentioned. And no other supernatural stuff has even been mentioned. So because it's different enough and not turning us off yet we're giving a go. But we won't be disappointed if it gets canceled.