Monday, October 1, 2007

Game Night needs to happen more often

So Friday night after a horrendous one and half days of nonstop working I wanted to go see a blood and guts movie. That happens every now and then, I need to see violence sometimes. We were going to go see the new Resident Evil movie but somehow never got around to leaving the house. At least not for that. We did go get dinner from Chile's but just went back home and watched tv. It was ok though, I still saw blood if not guts. We watched some UFC fights.

Saturday we watched a couple shows late morning/early afternoon and then started to clean the house for the resurrection of game night. I've been missing game night big time and tried a couple weeks back to have one but that went bust. Only about 1/2 the people showed out of everyone invited but that's ok. There was still a total of 7 of us: we two, his friend Jim, one of his sisters and her boyfriend and two of the chicks that also went to Mexico.

I brought out several games to choose from. His sister isn't the biggest fan of trivia games so I left all of those in the cabinet, we have quite a few. I brought out Apples to Apples, Pictionary, Malarky, Dirty Minds, Battle of the Sexes and it seems to me another one but I can't think of what it is at the moment. Apples to Apples was chosen first and after H Ditty made us some Long Islands we started in. I hadn't eaten anything since 10:30 that morning and it's now about 7:30/7:45 so it didn't take but maybe 5 sips and I was already getting a little tipsy. But that's ok, it made being one of the last ones to get a green card bearable. His sister won the game so reserved the right to choose the next game.

She chose Dirty Minds and then said how much she hated the game because all she could think of was the dirty answers and those are never correct. But she still ended up winning that game as well and quickly chose Pictionary.

Which H Ditty stated would be girls against the boys. So I therefore chose the black piece to represent us knowing it would drive Jim nuts. So then a little sparring ensued on them trying to convince us to give it up. I kept asking HD what he'd do for our anniversary for me to give it up but he never did answer. Then he goes and gets this tiny Saints coffe cup and puts their blue piece in to represent them. But that's ok too since we girls won the game. Which put his sister winning every game we played.

Everybody but Jim had to leave then. One of the girls had to work the next morning and the other was her ride home so they took off. And his sister had to relieve their mother of watching the grandkids and get to bed because of church in the morning.

We weren't quite ready to call it a night so Jim, HD and I played poker, Texas Hold'em, for five bucks each. I won. Kicked ass I might add.

After that HD didn't want to play anymore and wanted to watch some more UFC so that's what we did. And after that I was too beat to stay up, my eyes were barely able to stay open during the last couple of fights so I went to bed. A couple hours later, around 5:30, I heard them go out the back door and talk some more before Jim finally left. About an hour or so after that HD finally crawled into bed.

I had a slight headache but that was more from the way I had been sleeping for the last hour then all the drinking I did. Oh yeah, besides the Long Island I had 2 1/2 Jager shots (we ran out so SIL and I shared the last one) and two or three glasses of SoCo and Cherry Coke. I drank two 16oz bottles of water before I went to bed too so I know that helped with the non hangover. My head was bent way back because I had Crybaby practically laying across my face and definitely across my neck.

Sunday was spent sitting around reading for me and watching football for him. His sister stopped by to grab her camera and some pictures that she forgot the night before and they invited us to go see The Game Plan with 'em later that evening. And since her son really really really wanted us to go we did. For a family movie it was good, for just an adult to watch it was ok. I love me some Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson though so I was not disappointed.

We came home and he watched some more football, I read some more while doing my laundry for the week and then went to bed around 11ish. All in all it was a great weekend. We need to plan another game night real soon. Drinking or not we always have a great time and we need to do it more often.

Media quote of the day: Joe Kingman never says no - Joe Kingman - The Rock - The Game Plan


Natalie said...

There is some serious love for Dwayne "The Rock" JOhnson in my house too! Tony and I can't wait for The Game Plan to come on TV. We suck at going to the movies. Game night sounds awesome. I have to start one because Tony hates to play games with me.

Paper Fan Club said...

We were recently introduced to Apples to Apples and promptly went out and bought the game for ourselves. Problem is, you can't play it with two people. All the more reason to call a game night!

Katrina said...

Natalie - If you think he's hot like I do, then you'll love some of the scenes. He goes shirtless a decent amount. Yum!!!

Game night is always a good thing. As long as you don't have a couple people that pretty much only tolerate each other. Then it could be a downer and destroy it like what happened to us. But we're getting it back.

PFC - Love the game. We were given it as a Christmas gift last year and it's the first one we've gone to when we'll be with a group of people. That way if there's a chance to play we've got it handy. So far everyone's liked it no matter what their preference has been for games.