Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Been Busy

Man, I haven't really had a chance to come on here and update in awhile. My plan is to come on tonight and put one up. I'm hopeful it's going to happen.

There's a few different things I could write about:
1. The new chick at work
2. Our day with our moms and going to see Phantom of the Opera
3. My MRI is today at 11.

So those are some things I'll be thinking about today and deciding which to write about. See ya laters!


saintseester said...

Good luck on the MRI; let us know when you get your results back; crossing fingers.

Katrina said...

Thanks, it seemed to go pretty well. I should know by Friday, if the doc doesn't call me by then I'm to call him.

Obviously I didn't get back on here last night so my hope is to do so tonight. We shall see.