Tuesday, November 20, 2007


3 1/2 hours after making my call I received a call back from one of the nurses. My results are "normal." That's it, she said nothing else. So I figure I'll give my regular doctor a call at some point and see if she can tell me anything else. I was told she'd get the results also so hopefully she can elaborate a little more. Although I'm not in a rush to make the call since all is ok.

On a lighter note. We went to see Beowulf last night. Went to the IMAX digital 3-D showing. That was pretty damn cool to see. The movie itself was pretty good, not as much action as I thought there'd be though. But I've never read the poem, not even a little bit, had no idea what the story was even about. But from what I've read in critiques the movie is extremely loosely based on the poem. Anyway, it was definitely good enough for a look see but not enough that I'd buy it when it's out on DVD. Not unless HD wants it that is.

Ok, gotta go.

Media quote of the day: Tonight will be different! I am the ripper, the terror, the slasher. I am the teeth in the darkness! The talons in the night! My name is strength! And lust! And power! I AM BEOWULF!


Natalie said...

3-D sounds awesome. Do you think it is way way better than the normal version?

saintseester said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Glad your results are normal, whatever that means.

Katrina said...

Natalie - I'd have to say for animation it definitely is. It's definitely worth the extra money to see it that way. For live action I'm not so sure. I'll hold that ruling for Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D. The trailer was on before Beowulf and it looks pretty damn good.

And to top it off Brendan Frasier is in it and I love me some Brendan Frasier.

Saintseester - Thanks, me too. I still plan on calling my doctor to see about more of an explanation. But then, if I don't get around to it I do have a follow up appointment on January 9th with the neurologist so I can always get more of an explanation from him then. We shall see.

Dan said...

Sorry to hear you might be having some health issues. :( Laura wants to go and see Beowulf too. Sounds nice!

Happy Thanksgiving Kat!

Katrina said...

Dan - Thanks. Yeah, it sucks but sounds like there's no issues really. So that's good.

It was a good movie, just not enough action, wanted more. Although I have to say, the dragon and the fight with it is pretty damn cool. It was definitely one of the best dragons out there in moviedom.