Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MRI testing

So my MRI seemed to go pretty well. They called on Monday to say they needed me in there at 10:30, the appointment was for 11:00. Now I knew I'd have to be in a little early for the paperwork but a half hour seemed like a lot. Don't know why they needed me in there that early since it didn't even take me five minutes to fill out the paperwork. I was told not to wear any metal or plastics, they gave me a locker to put everything in. The night before I looked for a workout bra to wear but couldn't find one easily enough, they must be squirreled away somewhere. So I had to go braless. I had to wrap my hair up in what was essentially a paper shower cap and put ear plugs in. They taped my head down to help me keep it in place. And away I went. There was a constant knocking that seemed to come from my left side and up a little. Then when they were taking the photos there was a completely different type of knocking/clacking noise that basically came from behind and to the right. I was actually able to sort of zone out while it was going on. For as loud as it was I'm amazed I was able to. The neurologist had scheduled them to do contrasting photos. So for the first 15 minutes or so they took photos on and off and then they pulled me back out to do the injection for the contrasting photos.

They tried my left elbow first but apparently they couldn't get the vein so then they had to use my hand. That tiny little dot is all that happened. But here's what happened with my elbow. They told me there'd be "some bruising" but although I bruise easy I didn't expect this much. (Click on the photos for full view) So yeah, that was fun. I at first thought they had gotten it because I was feeling a warm sensation like fluid was coming into me but it must have just been the blood rushing in or just the pain of it. I don't know, just know it hurt for the rest of the afternoon in to the evening. Hell, the skin hurt too where I had to take off the tape for the small bandage they put on to stop the bleeding. The hand only hurt a little when the needle went in and when they took it out. I didn't want to go back to work after but I was out of there pretty early so I had no excuse not to go back. But it's a good thing since I don't have anymore vacation or sick time to take and I'm not getting paid for any time off until next year when it all renews itself. I should hear from the doc by tomorrow or Friday at the latest. If he doesn't call me I'll be calling him Friday afternoon. The tech didn't indicate one way or the other but she did say I was a model patient. I didn't move at all and the pictures were wonderful, nice and clear she said. They got, "some really great photos." So that in itself is pretty encouraging in my book.

Alrighty, I'm pretty damn tired so I'm gonna wrap this up and go to bed. Laters.

Media quote of the day: Sure, Cyclops. I'll try not to
bruise them while I save their lives! - Wolverine in X-Men


saintseester said...

Keep us posted. Sorry about the needle sticks - I have a lot of trouble with those myself.

Natalie said...

Those are some serious needle sticks. I'm sure all is well but keep us posted.

Katrina said...

The under color of the bruise is starting to turn yellow. Slowly but surely it's healing.

I'll be calling the doc this afternoon if I don't hear from him first. I'll let ya'll know.