Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wishy Washy

EDIT: I've started and stopped this entry 2 or 3 times now but I think I'm finally gonna get it finished and posted tonight. (Sunday the 10th that is)

So sure enough the doc put me on a preventative. I'm on Topamax. It's actually an epileptic pill but they found it works for migraines. I'm on 25mg a day right now and will work my way up to 100mg a day by week four.

I went back to work after the appointment although on the way back the pain was getting worse so I really shouldn't have. I lasted until around 2:45 when the spikes started back up. But this time they were throughout my whole forehead area not just my temple. It took me just over an hour to get home because it had started to snow AGAIN. It made the road just slick enough that the dumbasses who don't know how to drive were causing problems for the rest of us. It snowed pretty good for about two hours and then stopped until Wednesday. But that two hours caused all kinds of problems on the roads because it was a sloppy and icy mess. HDiTty had class that night and it took him close to an hour to get to it and it normally would only be about a 1/2 hour or so.

I was in bed before 9pm and although I didn't expect to fall asleep I did and except for when he called me to tell me he was out of class and on his way to work I think I only woke up twice until my alarm went off the next morning. Woke up with the migraine still there so I waited until 6ish when I felt it was ok to call bosslady and bossman to let them know I wouldn't be in. Took an Imitrex and went back to bed. It wasn't just still there either, it was actually worse.

But then HD got home about an hour or so, maybe a little less than that, later and wanted me to get up with him. I realized I couldn't sleep anymore anyway so I got up. I rested on the couch while he played on the computer while we watched some shows. A few hours later he went to bed and some time between 1:30 and 2:00 I laid down on the couch and fell asleep for several hours. It did me a world of good because the pain was pretty much nonexistent when I got up.

BUT, by 10:30/11:00 some pain was back. I really didn't want to take another Imitrex so I didn't, it wasn't quite that bad. I was able to fall asleep almost right away. I did go into work on Thursday and although I was in pain I stayed. It was doable. There were times that I wished I weren't there but for the most part I was glad I went in. But I did get some food on the way home, get there eat it, take an Imitrex and the Topamax, take a nice long hot bath and then go to bed. I was lying down by 8:45 and it felt wonderful. I didn't think I'd fall asleep for awhile but once again I surprised myself and did.

I woke a few times with Cry Baby literally lying across my head and/or face purring to beat the band. And although I couldn't breathe very well the purring actually felt pretty good on my head. But I did have to push him off so I could breathe easier. The last time I woke up, just before my alarm went off, I was on my left side with him across my neck. His head was resting on my chin. He amazes me sometimes.

I was completely pain free while getting ready and for most of my ride in. But, alas, with 10 minutes left to go I started feeling the tightness in my forehead that I sometimes get before I get one. As the day went on it ebbed and flowed. It never got real bad so that was good. But by evening it was bad enough that I took another Imitrex. I only have 3 left in the pack to go before the doc will have to give me another prescription.

I need to get some kind of booklet or day calendar or something to keep a diary of all of this. I had started to do it in word but I didn't keep it up. I think if I have something small enough that I can keep in my purse but sill have enough room for each day for a decent description I'd be more apt to keep up with it.


We got another 9.7 inches dumped on us on Wednesday. I'm glad I stayed home. I don't remember any other winter like this. I think we've seen the ground 2 weeks total this whole winter. From December 1 we've just kept getting snow storm after snow storm. This last one broke a few tree limbs on our pine trees. And this weekend, although sunny and pretty the wind chill is deadly. The temperature was only 1 degree while I was out from 3:30 to 5:00 today.


Yes, silly me went out in it to go get HD a birthday card. He turns 37 tomorrow. We'll be the same age for 22 days then I'll be turning the ripe old age of 38 on March 4th. He is not the easiest person to buy for. Well, he is but he isn't. If it's Saints related or Fleur-de-Lis related you're pretty much a go but a person doesn't have much luck with either of those around these here parts.

And since I am the Queen of Procrastination it's a little too late to order anything online. So I told him we'll have to go to Best Buy or something like that together where he can choose something for himself. Because there's no way in hell I'm going to try to get him something computer related. Hell, I know he wants a phone ear piece thingy but he's so damn wishy washy he can't make up his mind which one he wants and you think I'm going to buy him one on my own? You're crazy!

All right, I'm tired and my head has that tightening feeling going on so I'm thinking I should go to bed in hopes that a good nights rest will do me some good. Wishful thinking I know but so be it.

Media quote of the day: Me? Me in love with Chuck? How could anybody ever be in love with boring, dull, wishy-washy old Chuck? - Peppermint Patty - There's No Time for Love Charlie Brown (from way back in 1973)

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