Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quick Oscars post

So the Oscars pretty much just ended and I have to say this was the first time that I actually didn't care about any of the winners. Normally we would've seen at least several of the movies but we only saw one movie this past year and that was Elizabeth: The Golden Age which was only up for costumes, which it won. So yeah, didn't care about any of the nominees or winners but still enjoyed it for the most part. I was sort of irked though. Although many speeches are rather boring it's always annoying when they're played off. I mean, this is the Oscars for cripes sakes, let the people say their thanks. And we could've done without the few little bits that Jon Stewart did so let the people talk.

Don't get me wrong, he was funny and for the most part kept it moving along but there were a couple things that could have been cut like the binocular and nightmare bits that would've allowed a few more minutes for people to talk. But he did redeem the academy by bringing the one chick back out that got played off who had won for best song to be able to say her thank yous. I thought that was really nice.

And although we hadn't seen any of these movies and a couple we hadn't even heard of before all the award shows we did plan on but just never got around too. I'll have to get them on our Netflix list and get 'em so we can see what all the hypes about. Especially No Country for Old Men. I remember reading about it back when Live Free or Die Hard came out but once again, just never got around to it.

And how 'bout Diablo Cody, the writer of Juno. She looked a little embarrassed going up to the stage, she kept pulling her dress down and then on her way back stage her face fell and her shoulders hunched like she was almost ashamed of herself. I felt so bad for her if that's how she actually felt. I hope not, especially after the last thing she said about thanking her family for loving her the way she is.

Anyway, it wasn't a great Oscar's night but it wasn't a bad one either. I'd write more but it's getting really late and I'm tired so I'm going to bed. Night night.

Media quote of the day: Go back to your rat hole! Tell Philip I fear neither him, nor his priests, nor his armies. Tell him if he wants to shake his little fist at us, we're ready to give him such a bite he'll wish he'd kept his hands in his pockets! - Queen Elizabeth I - Elizabeth: The Golden Age - Since it's the only one I saw it's the only one I could use.


Natalie said...

I found it to be a very boring oscars. The clothes weren't pretty enough or ugly enough for me to care. I hadn't see many movies although Bourne Ultimatum (which I did see) won three???

Katrina said...

Oh yeah, I forgot, we saw that one too. It won 3? The two for sound I remember, what the hell was the third?

Yeah, there were a few bright spots but for the most part pretty boring, middle of the road stuff.

saintseester said...

You know what? This is the first year in a long time that I had no interest. I am usually interested in watching just for those rare emotional moments or the cool clothes! It has just been a rough winter with illnesses, and not feeling well, and just being unable to stay up late!

Natalie said...

It was editing. That movie swept every category it was nominated in. I think that makes it the default best picture of the year.