Monday, February 18, 2008

Free thought writing

I so don't feel like working anymore. I mean, not. at. all. None. Why do I have to work? Hmmm?

Oh yeah, because we have bills to pay and a house to keep. Oh well, I guess I'll be heading back there tomorrow.

I need a vacation. That's gotta be it. I haven't been on one in too damn long. I believe I've written all of this before. That's how bad it is.

You know what's a cute movie? Baby Boom, it's one of those movies that if it's on I'll watch it all the way through. I just watched it and the channel is playing an encore right now and since nothing else is on and I don't feel like turning off the tv right now I've decided to leave it on until I'm done. There's parts of Diane Keaton that make me think of my mother-in-law.

Speaking of my MIL, she came over yesterday to watch 300 because HD and I have been wanting to see Meet the Spartans and she was going to come with and had never seen it. I really didn't expect her to like 300 but she did. And of course Meet the Spartans was as dumb as a rock but there were some pretty funny parts. A few minutes into the end credits they were interrupted and some extra footage was played which I'd say was actually more funny than most of the movie. Especially the part where the king pushed the Dean Cook guy into the pit, that was pretty darn awesome!

That baby is just too damn adorable for it's own good. The baby in Baby Boom that is. Apparently the twin babies who played Elizabeth have done nothing but the movie and the tv show according to

We also saw the Spiderwick Chronicles this weekend. I had read the books when they first came out and when I read in Entertainment Weekly that a movie was being made I was really excited. HD hadn't read the books and neither had his dad and stepmom. It's a good thing I didn't reread them for a refresher or I would've been pissed. I'd say the movie was only 40% of the books. I kept trying to remember what would be coming up next and some things I could but some things that I knew should've weren't. Oh well, as I said, I don't remember enough so I was able to enjoy the movie for itself. It was pretty good, nothing spectacular but for a kids' flick it was good. And especially since we didn't have to pay for it and his dad only had to pay matinee (is that right? oh well, too tired to care right now) prices all things worked out well. I believe everyone else enjoyed it, felt pretty much how I did.

Damn, that James Spader is just a baby in this movie. Which is actually pretty funny considering he's 27 at the time. But he looks like he's 17 which is how old I was when it came out. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. He was 27 playing a teenager in all those teenager movies in the mid to late 80's. Oh who the hell am I kidding it happens all the time. It happened then and it still happens. He's just one that could actually get away with it. Too a point that is. I always figured he was older than me but I didn't think 10 years! Damn!

I bought a daily planner type book to keep track of my headaches or lack there of but it's still in the bag. I can't seem to make myself start writing in it. I don't know why? I thought for sure once I got it I'd start right in. Although I don't know why I would think that but I did. It's too late to start tonight as it's 9:55 already. Oh well, there's always tomorrow right? Right.

Speaking of the time. I'm tired so I'm gonna go get ready for bed and then crawl in it. Nighty night all.

Media quote of the day - from 300:
Dilios, I trust that "scratch" hasn't made you useless. - King Leonidas
Hardly, my lord, it's just an eye. The Gods saw fit to grace me with a spare. - Dilios

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Natalie said...

Just have to say, I LOVE James Spader