Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Here we go again

Was that a great football game or what? I'm more happy than not that the Giants won but I'm a little disappointed we didn't see the history of a 19 - 0 season. But it was a great David and Goliath story that's for sure. And who would've thought the Pats would have scored so low, well, besides Plaxico that is.

And although Tom Petty and the Heartbrakers were good it was a pretty boring half time show. Pretty much a total snooze fest really.

The commercials were ok. There were a few that I really liked but most over all weren't up to superbowl standards. I like the two sentimental ones: The Coke one where Charlie Brown gets it and the Bud one where the dog trains the horse Rocky style. I enjoyed the Pepsi one with Justin Timberlake being dragged all over. I know there's a few more but at this time I'm drawing a complete blank.

I had to make another dr's appointment. About 10:50 yesterday morning I got a very sharp spike in my left temple. I pushed on it and said ow in my mind. Then a few seconds later it did it again and I did it again. Then about 10-15 seconds after that one it did it again but this time it was stronger and I actually said ow outloud. Bosslady was sitting a few feet away and looked at me and asked what was wrong at the same time I was saying, "this can't be good." It happened again and I said ow again. My other coworker looked over and asked what was wrong and said that I looked really flushed and they both told me to sit down, I had been standing at a filing cabinet. So I sat and kept saying ow ow ow every time it happened, one right after another. They both started to tell me I had to call my doctor but I kept saying I didn't want to. Then it stopped. I had no other problems, no headache, no dizzyness, no blurring of vision, nothing.

But they kept badgering me so I finally called and Christy (whom I went to school with) says to me after I told her I was badgered into calling, "Yes, Katrina, you call me when you get sharp spikes in your temple and/or head."

About 20 - 30 minutes later the headache set in so I took an Excederin Migraine pill. Once again it didn't make it go away but it didn't get any worse either. I got more spikes starting at 2:30 and going on and off until 5:50ish. I wrote down the times every time it happened to let the doctor know. The headache was gone by late evening.

I have a slight headache now and I've had one spike so far today. My appointment is for 10:30 this morning. I'm sure he's going to put me on a preventative.

Blogger won't let me spell check, hopefully I haven't made too many mistakes.

Oh yeah, Happy
Fat Tuesday everyone!!

Media quote of the day: Bloody hell. - Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Natalie said...

Ouch! I hope the medicine helps.

saintseester said...

So sorry you are still having these headache problems.

But that was a great game, wasn't it?

Are you redecorating?

Katrina said...

He did put me on a preventative. I went back to work then ended up leaving early and stayed home yesterday. I have another one today to, I should be home again but I just couldn't do it, I wouldn't feel right. So I'm giving it the old college try today.

Yeah, I'm redecorating a little bit. I think I'm gonna change it again though. I'm not liking this green very much.