Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Update 4/22-24/11

So, let's see, it was another busy weekend here in peanuthead land.  Friday right after I got off work I hurried and changed and then HDT and I went to our friend's home for dinner and also to go to their church's Good Friday services. 

Since it would be pushing it for time we actually just had some flat bread and chatted for a little while before heading out to church.  The services were very simple but nice and other than the repetitiveness of the songs I enjoyed those as well.  Afterward we headed over to the house for dinner.  She had made some pasta and a salad.  She actually made her own noodles too, they were pretty darn good and I had brought brownies for desert.  We had a great time just visiting and having good food.  We finally made it out of there a little after 1am and made it home shortly before 2. 

HDT tried to convince me to stay up to watch a show but I was just too damn tired and besides we had to get up and out of the house by noonish the next day to take Jim out for his birthday lunch.  So I went to bed and he followed about an hour or so later. 

We took him to our favorite Chinese food place for a terrific lunch.  He'd never been there and was very pleased with his food so HDT and I were happy about that.  We got home shortly after 2 and I headed right back out to go to the grocery store to pick up pop and some snacks for the evening's festivities.  Got home and put everything away and proceeded to clean with HDT helping.  I also made a couple batches of brownies.  One batch was left in the pan as that was going to be Jim's birthday "cake". 

The couple that we had been with the night before came over, got there just after 7:30.  We ordered dinner and played Wise or Otherwise.  We were just finishing dinner and were almost to the end of the game when one of HDT's coworkers came over as well.  She also brought a couple games to play.  Once our one game was done we played one of the ones she brought - Snorta

I've never heard of this game before but I gotta say it was a lot of fun.  I can only imagine how it'd be if we had been drinking a lot.  A couple of us had a couple of Mike's hard lemonades but with all the food absorbing them there wasn't much of a negative consequence.  But I can certainly imagine what it would be like tipsy let alone drunk.

During the middle of it Jess came by after she got off of work.  Then after the game the couple had to leave, they had an early morning at their church. 

I grabbed the brownie pan and put 40 candles on them for Jim to blow out.  Passed out brownies and ice cream to everyone and we chatted for awhile while eating.  Then the coworker had to go home, she wasn't feeling well so didn't want to stay up too late.  We tried to convince Jess to stay for another game but she took off as well.

So we three who were left played one more game then called it a night.  I went to bed and HDT followed about an hour later.

Sunday we slept in pretty late.  I took a bath while he went on line until I got out then took his shower.  We made it to his dad's house for Easter dinner shortly after 2:00.  Had dinner while watching the Cub's game, which they proceeded to lose.  After the game we decided to watch Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Watched a few of the extras after it and then headed home for the night around 7pm.

We had dinner and watched a couple Bones then I went to bed and followed about an hour or so after.  Long weekend but a good one.

Media quote of the day:

What rubbish! See? That's what happens when you read all of those fanciful novels on fairy tales of yours. - Eustace Clarence Scrubb

There once was a boy called Eustace/who read books full of facts that were useless - Edmund Pevensie

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