Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's your favorite scary movie?

So HDT and I decided to go see Scream 4 last night.  HDT thought it was ok, he wasn't disappointed but wasn't thrilled with it either.  I enjoyed it.  Sure, there wasn't as much "story" as there was in the others but I still thought it played well. 

Without giving anything away:  While watching a commercial one night last week I turned to HDT and said I think "that person" is Ghostface or at least one of the ghostfaces as the other movies had more than one.  He asked why and I told him because they're not doing what I'd expect them to do in that situation and because of this other scene.  He wasn't sure what to think, could be any number of reasons for doing/not doing what they were doing/not doing.  Turns out I was right though. 

Throughout the movie every now and then someone else would look good to be it or at least one of them if there did turn out to be more than one killer.  But I still believed the person I picked in the commercial was the best candidate.

But I gotta say I really like Hayden Panettiere's haircut.  That short hair looks really, really good on her.  And Emma Roberts does look good for playing a cousin of Neve Campbell, heck they could even play sisters. 

And when Cougar Town with Courteney Cox started last fall we gave it a shot and I gotta say it really bugged me to see that she had work done to her face.  We gave up on the show so I sort of forgot how bad she was looking.  So when she came on screen all huge with those ugly protruding lips sticking out I actually flinched a little.  Why oh why do people have to disfigure themselves.  Just age gracefully already.  Geesh.

Media quote of the day:

Welcome home, Sidney. You're a survivor, aren't you, Sidney? What good is it to be a survivor when everyone close to you is dead? You can't save them. All you can do... is watch. - The Voice (Ghostface)

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