Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anther commercial icon is gone

So I just found out that the Empire Man, Mr. Lynn Hauldren, has passed away.  He was such a huge icon in the advertising business to me.  Just like the "It's time to make the donuts" Dunkin Donuts guy, Michael Vale and original "The loneliest man in town" Maytag Repairman, Jesse White.  Although all the others were pretty good as well.

When I moved to Louisiana for those six years I didn't realize how much I missed Hauldren until I moved back and saw an Empire Carpets commercial for the first time.  I actually smiled and of course sang the jingle. 

And when I saw a commercial for another company by the name of Luna and heard their jingle - singing their phone number and ending in the singing of their name that sounded exactly like the Empire jingle I was actually pissed.  To this day whenever I hear their commercial there's a little twinge that goes off in my head about how they're such ripoffs.

Sad, just sad.

Media quote of the day: 

"588-2300, Em-pire!" - The late, great Empire Man

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