Friday, September 22, 2006

On my mind today

So, I've done nothing all day except make my rounds, numerous times, to the blogs I read. Oh wait, I take that back, I made two phone calls that needed to be made before the end of the day. So once again, I'm not earning my paycheck. I am such a damn procrastinator I can't even make myself look for another job. I have reasons, well, excuses really, on why I'm not doing so. Which I won't bore you with.

In the vein of TMI: For the last two days I've been peeing like crazy. I can't seem to stop and it's driving me nuts! Yesterday during work I pissed almost every hour. And today is only slightly better. I'm sitting here now shaking my foot trying to hold out as long as I can before I head back to the head (HA!) because I just went less than 45 minutes ago. And I can't even blame it on drinking water. I haven't had any for the last couple days, just diet mtn dew. Usually I only do this for a day or two after my period which I haven't had for a couple weeks now so I can't even blame it on that.

Dirk (who I'm not linking here because he's over on my blogroll) is driving all of his readers nuts. He went on a date last night and hasn't posted about it yet. You'll have to read his last 5 posts or so to get the whole story as to why we're all anxious. Go on, go read, I'll you see why we're anxious.

I didn't go fishing last night like I was hoping too. H Ditty and his friend had gone out around 3ish and called me on my way home to say they were coming back in because the lake was too choppy and the fish weren't biting. So we ended up staying home and watching a couple more Soprano's until enough shows had been recorded to Tivo.

Spoiler alert, if you watch The Office and haven't seen the premier yet don't read!

How about The Office! Pam dumped the fiancee. Wow, I really didn't think she'd do that, figured she'd get married still. But this just makes it all the more interesting now. And Michael, what a total asshat, it physically hurts to watch him sometimes.

Ok Spoiler done.

My right arm is itching like crazy. It's the one that was burned during the Green Bay game. It's dry as all get out. I've been putting lotion (it puts the lotion in the basket. What you mean you don't get this reference, I told you to go read Dirk's posts, go on now, go read) on it but apparently not enough.

Alright enough, I gotta go pee, be right back.....Ah, that's a relief.

So our 1 year wedding anniversary and 11 year together anniversary is coming up. October 6th to be exact. We haven't talked about presents yet, hmmm, I guess we should. Although we don't have much disposable income anymore. I do need a new monitor though. Mine blew in a power outage a few weeks back and we can't really share his computer, just not the best scenerio for us. We have talked about what we'd like to do. That is, if he can get off of work. I mentioned going to the restaurant he proposed in, which we haven't been back to since, and then to go see the new Matt, Leo, Mark, etc. movie, which I can't remember the name of right now. I said, "That way I can get to see all those hot guys." He asked what he gets out of it, I told him sex. I think that's a fair trade off. He just laughed.

Media quote of the day: 3) Call in dead for work tomorrow. - Dirk (ok if you haven't read yet, I've now provided no excuses, he's linked and how can you not read a post by this guy after this quote?)

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