Thursday, September 21, 2006


Here are a few snapshots of our trip to Lambeau field. They have been trimmed down to 640x480 JPG files...I can upload higher-res versions if desired.

The first shot is of our Saint's flag on display before the game in the parking lot of the K-Mart near to Lambeau field, a common tailgaiting spot for home games.

The second shot is of the two fighter jets that flew over after the national anthem...they were monstrously loud...I loved it.

The third is the final score, 34-27, what a game...what a game!

The fourth is Katrina and me w/the winning scoreboard framed behind us.


H Ditty

Media quote of the day: "As you wish!" - Westley, The Princess Bride.

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Katrina said...

Thank you honey!

Isn't he great!

Look, all my makeup melted off by the end of the game. It was so damn hot we couldn't quit sweating.