Tuesday, February 6, 2007

From a trainee's point of view

Ok, this is for all you trainers out there.

When you're having a bad day, whether it's because you don't feel good or because there's shit going on in your life, it's not fair to your trainees when you go around all mopey or bad moody. Bosslady, as mentioned last night, had yesterday off. She had a 3 day weekend to rest up. She came in today in what seemed like a grumpy mood. She wasn't mean or anything but was kind of snappy to everyone when they asked her a question or for something to be done. Not until lunch time did she finally start to calm down but even then she wasn't her usual self.

When you're like that as a trainer your trainee doesn't want to ask you anything. They (I) feel highly uncomfortable and intrusive and bothersome. But they (I) need to ask you things. They (I) need to know how to do something and since they (I) don't know how that means you're the one they (I) ask. But they (I) don't do it and therefore their (my) work doesn't get done and that's not a good thing.

So, in other words, fake it.

Media quote of the day:

Are you in a bad mood?
Don't you wanna talk about it?
Did I say somethin' rude?
You don't have to cry about it.
Aren't you feelin' okay?
Would you like a little company?
Or did you have a bad day?
Are you mad at me? -let it show
Don't tell me nothing - I don't wanna know.

portion of 'Nothing' by EDIE BRICKELL

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