Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nothing much to say but I'm gonna say it anyway.

I hate when I think of ideas for a post but by the time I get home they're all long forgotten. Sucks that I can't update at work.

My poor baby girl (Whiskers) is sick. She's got a cold. She's been sneezing for the last 4 days and her eyes are all watery. But other then that she's fine. She's still eating normally and her bathroom trips are normal. I wanted H Ditty to take her to the vet and get her checked out but since she's just sneezing he decided not to. So we're keeping our eyes on her until Friday which is his next day off. If she's better great, if she's worse he'll take her in.

I've lost a reader. My most steady reader for many many months was someone from Jacksonville, Florida. She/he would stop by every morning but the weekends between 5:30 and 6:30. I figured they'd stop by when having their morning coffee or when they first got to work. Anyway, when I hit the second week with the very long breaks in between posting they quit coming by. Oh well, maybe they'll come back one day. I have no idea who it was since they never commented.

Statcounter, it's a good thing and a bad thing. I've become addicted to it and now you can label the IP addresses so you don't have to remember who people are. I like it.

I love seeing how people get here from the searches. Most people end up here by the media quotes I do. But every now and then someone gets here by searching something that deals with a peanut head. There was one person who put this in "Peanut heart and abyssinian" which seems pretty weird, I was the 2nd site on the list. Then there's "peanut head bug" and this one "what does a peanut-head bug eat". I mean, what the hell is a peanut head bug anyway? And I love this one "a peanut on a piece of wood". What the hell is that all about? Goofy stuff I tell you.

We still haven't seen Reno 911 - Miami yet. There's no telling now when we'll get to see it. There's no way tonight, HD's not even home yet and we'll both be too tired to go anywhere. The same'll happen tomorrow. Friday our friends, Jim and Amy, will be coming by to bring our birthday presents/cards over and to hang out. I'm sure they'll be bringing their kids too so no movie then. Saturday we'll be heading to the city in the evening to go see Caged Dames. Then Sunday I have a feeling we'll either be going to one of his parent's homes or one of them will be coming over here for my B-day. Or we'll stay home and rest. In case you're wondering my family doesn't get together for birthdays unless they're milestones. The last one my brothers and parents came over for was my 30th. The next will be my 40th. We of course get together for all the kids' days, just not the adults' days.

Media quote of the day: [performing an anti-crystal meth song for a class of kids] You can monkey with a gibbon, You can fiddle with a bow / But before you snort that crystal meth, there's some things that you should know / Meth is made from antihistamines, in basement labs it's cooked / And possession is a felony, which means that you'll get booked / With a snort it zips right up your nose, and eats away your brain / It kills your sense of good and evil, and it makes you go insane / Here we go... / So don't meth with meth, Beth / Don't meth with meth, Seth / Don't meth with meth... Gwyneth / Don't meth with crystal meth! [pause]

Any questions? We do have about 45 minutes left... any requests? I know some Rush... a little bit of Floyd. - Lt. Jim Dangle - Reno 911 (the tv show, not the movie)

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