Saturday, February 24, 2007


Wednesday was H Ditty's mom's birthday. He and I took her out to dinner at a really nice steakhouse. She and I both had the surf and turf. The turf was wonderful as usual but my surf wasn't so great. The 1st lobster tail was pretty good but the 2nd one wasn't cooked all the way. I was only able to eat half of it and the last two bites I actually had to sip water with it to make it go down. Before I sipped the water I'd try to swallow and my gag reflex kicked in and made it come right back up into my mouth. The 2nd time I tried to swallow it did it again and I thought I was going to upchuck right there at the table. I should have just lifted my napkin and spit it out but it was a cloth napkin and I still had the rest of my steak and potatoes to eat and I wanted the use of it still. So that's when I sipped the water to make it go down. The 1st bite that happened with I just figured was a fluke but when it happened with the next one I was done with it.

When I told H Ditty a little later he asked if I was feeling ok, thought that maybe it'd make me sick. But I was fine then and fine the next day too. So it was just an unpleasant experience rather than a sickly experience. I asked his mom how hers was since she ate both and she said they were just fine, cooked all the way. So that's good, I would've hated it if she'd have gotten the plate with the uncooked lobster since it was for her birthday and all.

While we were finishing up our dinner a band struck up some music in the bar. We decided to go over and see them and have another drink while watching 'em. It was a 3 man band. They weren't bad, all cover songs though. Apparently they're there every Wednesday night. The singer looks kind of creepy though. While singing he's got this grin on his face and it's just sort of off putting.

Thursday HD called his two sisters and grandma to see if they'd like to get together and go over to his mom's house for birthday cake. They did so we bought some pizzas and an ice cream cake and took it over to her house that evening.

I love those women, I really do, but when they get together it turns into such a drama show. Every one of them needs to loosen up, not take what the other one says so seriously and literally. The youngest needs to grow up (she's the one having the baby) and show some respect to their mother. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Last night was a stay at home and relax night. Although we were supposed to go see Reno 911 but he didn't get home from work until 7:40 so we stayed home. I was able to get on here and catch up on a couple sites and start in on a third before HD got home. Then he made us dinner - spaghetti. It was really good. Even better since I didn't have to make it. Watched a few comedy shows from Thursday night and then he went to bed. I came back on here and finished up the one site, read two posts on two other sites and then went to bed myself.

This morning he called at 7:40am and woke me up because he forgot two of the containers of spaghetti hanging in a bag on the kitchen door. He wanted to make sure they got back into the fridge. Since I was up I opted to stay up, figured if I got sleepy later I'd just take a nap. I read my email that I've also been (mostly) neglecting for two weeks. Double checked that my Ticketmaster emailed tickets for Caged Dames were there, they are. And then came here to finally update.

My birthday is Sunday the 4th and we're going to see Caged Dames the night before for my present. Not sure if we'll go to dinner around here of some place in Chicago near the theatre. I'm kind of hoping it'll be there. Dirk talked about this play last year and said how great it was and it made me want to go see it but we couldn't at that time. Then he brought it up again back in January I think it was and that was that. I went to check out dates and the last showing is the 10pm show on the 3rd and that was just karma working in my favor right there. I told HD about it and he was up for it so I bought the tickets and I'm really looking forward to going.

Well, I'm done rambling now. If you read this far thanks for sticking around I know it wasn't all that interesting of a post but it's what I felt like talking about, so thanks again.

Media quote of the day: Oh, my God! I just gagged and vomited at the same time. I gavomited. - Dr Cox - Scrubs


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you weren't sick. I always worry about stuff like that when I eat something that isn't right. Oy.

Katrina said...

Thanks, me too. I can't afford to be sick and miss any work right now so it really would've sucked having food poisoning from uncooked seafood and working through it or trying to at least.

dirk.mancuso said...

I saw the play again last night, and had a blast! Sheila Mercury (played by BC Kalz is a riot!)

You like RENO 911, too? Shut up! Me too!!!

Dan said...

Happy Birthday in advance! I hope you have a great time.

Too bad about the lobster tail. Yuck.

But the ice cream cake sounds great. One thing I can never figure out, though, is how they bake the damned thing without it melting?

Ba doom boom ...

Katrina said...

Dirk - When I went to get the link for the entry I started clicking on their links and got to and saw the itunes clip of Good to Bad. Looks good, again, I can't wait.

Yep, we love Reno 911. We have missed the last couple seasons though. We need to get them on DVD, we have the 1st season and need the rest. I'm gonna see about getting to the movie tonight after he gets home. Wish me luck.

Dan - Thank you.

Yep, it was definitely Yuck!

You're too funny.

saintseester said...

The lobster thing makes me feel a little sick. One thing I cannot stomach is undercooked fish or shellfish. I would not have been able to eat another bite after that. Well, except for dessert!

Katrina said...

The steak was too good not to finish. Dessert would've been good but we were just way too full to have any.

Natalie said...

Happy early birthday. You should totally go to dinner. That theater is about three blocks away from my old house. Great places to eat are; Pizza Capri, Mi Tierra, Penny's Noodle Shop, Flat Top Grill and oh so many others.