Sunday, February 25, 2007

Damn, I had a productive day today, proud of myself I am

Well, no Reno 911 for us this weekend. He decided he didn't want to go anywhere last night. He was tired after working all day and the weather wasn't the best either. And we can't go tonight because the Academy Awards are on and the weather isn't the greatest again. So maybe we'll go tomorrow or Tuesday, we'll just have to wait and see.

Today was another early rising day for me. I woke up around 7:30 and couldn't fall back asleep. I snuggled with Cry Baby for a little while deciding on what I wanted to do and when. I knew I had to go do some grocery shopping but really didn't feel like it. Especially since we were supposed to be getting 2-3 inches of snow. Then I figured it'd be better to get up and get going now before all the asshats got on the roads and caused accidents. So that's what I did. I was up and out of the house and at the first store by 8:40. What I really needed was the pet friendly ice melter so I headed to PetSmart first but they don't open until 9 on Sundays. So I headed over to Target in the hopes that they might be open so I could wander around until 9. They were so that's what I did and ended up spending more than I should have. Shhh, don't tell H Ditty. But it was all stuff we needed of course. And when I thought about it I only needed a few staples from the grocery store and Target had what I needed so I got the stuff there. Ran over to the pet store and got a couple containers of the ice melters and headed home. I was back here before 10.

For those of you with pets and don't know about this stuff it's Simple Solution's Ice Melting Pellets. It's safe for paws and kids. It's also environmentally friendly and it's also 100% salt free so it's non-irritating and non-corrosive. Great stuff go out and get it. Hell, even if you don't have pets or kids it's still better than the salt shit that's out there. It's not cheaper though, I will say that. But it's completely worth it. It was a good thing I decided to get more of the stuff rather than blow it off like I was planning to before I ever left the house because while I was in Target it decided to start raining icy rain down all over the damn place. So I sprinkled almost a whole container down on the sidewalk and some on the driveway as soon as I got home.

After shopping I came on here and went to all the other sites I read that I never got around to adding to my list. But I finally did today. Hi Natalie and Dan you're over there now. Also added W, HDW and Fyrchk. Go check 'em out if you haven't before.

Then I played some poker online while catching up on my Dr. Phil. Don't judge, he's entertaining and as annoying as he can be sometimes he's usually right, not always mind you, but usually.

Yesterday I thought for sure I'd get tired and need a nap but that never happened. It did today though, I laid down (or is it lied down? I never can remember) around 3:30 and got up close to 4:30. I never really slept but I did doze and that felt good. Then I was a good girl and did some straightening up around the basement. Took the garbage and recycling out and put some more pellets down because the stuff I did when I first got home was all melted and gone and there was more snow coming down. I only did our stoop, steps and a little of the sidewalk at the bottom of the steps though.

So now I have to go pay some bills and think about what we'll have for dinner. I'm thinking Pizza, we haven't had that since Wed. night and I'm kinda jonesing for it.

I'm outta here.

Media quote of the day: No, Pop-pop does not get a treat, I just brought you a fucking pizza. - Michael - Arrested Development. One of the best shows ever that was canceled because the networks are a bunch of money grubbing asshats!!


Natalie said...

I would give a lot to get Arrested Development back on the air. I heart GOB.

Katrina said...

It was a sad day in television when they canceled that show. Sad day indeed.