Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas shopping (sort of)

So we attempted to do some Christmas shopping on Monday night. We headed out to Toys R Us to get a couple Xbox light up game controllers for two of my nephews and also a few other things that we saw in their advertiser for some of the other kids. We decided to go to the controllers first and sure enough they were out of them for the Xbox, still had plenty left for the PS3 though. So we go to ask one of the kids working the electronics section. I tell him right away we looked on the shelf but there weren't any there but of course almost form the moment I started to talk he takes off to go look himself. I tell him again when we catch up to him that we already looked, including through all the PS3s and there aren't any there. So HDT asks him if they have any in back and we get the standard answer of, all that we have are here on the shelf, so if there aren't any here we don't have any. And then says nothing else, so we ask when they expect to get more. He says he doesn't know, that a truck comes in every day but they have no idea what will be on it until it's unloaded the best thing for us to do is come in every day to see if they get anymore. He doesn't offer to take our name and number or anything else that would be helpful. So HDT tells him there's no way we'll come in every day to check we'll just go somewhere else.

We ended up sort of wandering around looking at other things but nothing else that we went there for. We were both pretty much deflated by the unhelpfulness of the kid. So we decided to leave and get some dinner. We decided to go to Chili's which made me happy.

On our way out HDT mentioned needing to go to Target for something but on our way we took a detour to Petsmart for the safe for pets snow/ice melt pellets. And of course we can't go in there without looking around at other things including the cats. There was a lady in there cleaning out the cages and litter boxes so all the cats and kittens were running around. There were about 5 little kittens that were just too damn cute and a couple of the cats would swat/play with them as they ran past. I so wanted to get in there and snuggle them like crazy. But oh well.

We got Poydras a couple outfits to wear. One was a Christmasy sweater and the other was a blue hoody with a fleur-de-lis on the back so we of course had to get that. Neither ended up fitting him, too small, so we'll have to take them back. By the time were finished there all I could think about was how badly I needed to pee. We both completely forgot about going to Target so of course didn't go and now I can't remember at all what he wanted to go there for.

But when we got home HDT went on line to see if he could find the controllers anywhere else and found out that Sears had some. According to the website they had 6 in stock. So on Tuesday as soon as I got out of work we headed over to there and luckily they still had 3 left so we got the 2 we needed and headed home.

We haven't done any other shopping since. We are bad. So tomorrow is supposed to be the big shopping day. We're going to have to get most if not all of it done tomorrow as Sunday is football day so there won't be any shopping being done then. I plan on making carrot cookies this weekend so I don't know if I'll get any wrapping done either but I'd certainly like to start on it if at all possible. We usually end up wrapping until 2-3 in the morning of the 23rd just about every year. I really don't want to do that this year.

Media quote of the day:

Christmas shopping, never an easy or a pleasant task - Harry in Love Actually

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