Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree Indeed - W/ pictures now

So I just realized I never posted about my fucking DEAD Christmas tree. I'm so disappointed, saddened, frustrated, etc., etc....

We got a beautiful tree, fat as all get out, pretty green, smelling great - I was a happy girl. But in one week's time, ONE FUCKING WEEK, it was already dying. Back on the 11th I noticed I was smelling it again. Usually after just a few days of putting a fresh tree up the smell will go away or at least you get so used to it you don't notice anymore. And then when it starts to die as the needles start falling off the smell returns. So yeah, on the 11th I started smelling it again and told HDT that it seemed very weird that it was happening. On Sunday I took a really good look at it and noticed it was starting to turn brown and it hadn't taken any water in a few days.

By Tuesday it was way more brown than it was green. I sent an email to the tree farm that we got it from. Told 'em that it was already dying, that I didn't know what I wanted done about it if anything even could be. Let 'em know we didn't add anything to the water, gave it a brand new 4" cut when we got home and put it in water directly and that it's on the opposite side of the room from the heat vent. It's been a week since I sent that and I haven't heard one word from them. I gave my cell phone number and of course they had the email address. Nothing at all.

So although HDT and I believe it's actually his fault that it's dead (which I did not tell them) I still expected a call or a response to the email. And for that reason alone we will never go back to that tree farm again and won't be telling friends and family to go there either.

Why do we believe it's his fault you may ask. Well, we've had this same tree stand for several years and for the last two maybe three years our trees seem to die fairly quickly. None have died as quickly as this one but then we normally get Fraser firs which naturally last longer than Douglas firs which is what we got this time. Anyway, the last two maybe three years they've died fairly quickly. Well HDT can remember that one year when he grabbed the stand to prepare to put the tree in he saw that it was all gunky from the previous year's tree and decided to try to clean it as best as possible. He believes he used Pine Sol thinking its made with pine so therefore it should be fine, not thinking about all the other chemicals in there as well.

So, yeah, we're throwing the stand out this year and will get a brand new one next year.

If it weren't such a hassle I would've taken this one down and put up the fake one we have from several years ago that we used when I wasn't working. But I just didn't feel like doing that, too depressing. So we've left this one up and only now and then turn the lights on because that's pretty damn depressing as well - having nice cheery lights twinkling away on a dead tree.

Media quote of the day: from The Petrified Forest (1936)

Petrified forest is a lot of dead trees in the desert that have turned to stone. Here's a good specimen. - Gabrielle Maple (Bette Davis)

Normally I use quotes from movies, songs, etc. that I already know but nothing fit very well for my dead tree except for this so I'm using it. Besides, I like Bette Davis, so....

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